World Mechanics

This section holds all the game rules and terminology translate into the campaign world.


Spell memorization and preparation.

  • Arcane spells are ranked as "powers". Thus, a 5th-level spell would be "a spell of the 5th power".
  • Cleric divine spells are called "psalms" and are ranked as "eminences". Thus a 4th-level spell would be "a psalm of the 4th eminence".
  • Druid divine spells are still called spells and are ranked as "circles". This a 3rd-level spell would be "a spell of the 3rd circle".
  • When a wizard prepares spells, they are generating magical energies stored in their minds as they memorize complex magical formulas. When she gets stronger (i.e. gains levels), her mental capacity increases. Each time a spell is discharged, her mind becomes more exhausted. Eight hours of rest is necessary to rejuvenate her mind to re-memorize spells.
  • When a cleric prepares spells, he prays for grace from their higher power.
  • When a druid prepares spells, she meditates and gathers divine magical energies from nature itself.
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