Mystic Arts


Traditions are the means of how you execute your arts.
Traditions each have a special means to recover your arts before resting.
Each tradition relies on a cultivation attribute. If a tradition can rely on more than one attribute, you select which one to use at any time.


Mystic Art Types


Boosts are alwats activated as simple actions, and only apply affects to yourself.


Counters are always activated as reactions.


Spells alter reality, often needing incantations, hand-seals, or ingredients. They generally will not need any attack rolls, and instead require the target to save against the effect.


Strikes require an attack roll in order for the art to affect the target.


In order to use a school's arts, you must assume one of its stances. Assuming and changing your stance is a simple action.

Cultivation Attribute

When you gain a cultivation tier in a tradition, use the tradition's associated attribute as your cultivation attribute. If there are more than one associated attribute, select one, and you may change this attribute in the future.

Art Stages

The mystic arts are ranked in stages, starting from 0 which are called 'foundations'. Stages go as high as 9th for mortals. Each stage of art is exponentially more complex and requires more qi than the previous. You must cultivate your core's rings to be able to form arts of higher stages, with each overlapping ring corresponding to a stage.

Your core determines your arts' maximum stage, and how many arts for each stage you can execute, termed as 'formation channels'. As you gain cultivation tiers, your core's capacity to execute higher stage arts and its number of channels increase.

Depending on her art's tradition, the cultivator must prepare their arts beforehand. She does so by spending an hour of meditation to refine and shape her qi into specific formations that can released with the correct trigger.


After an art has been executed, the channel it was formed in becomes spent and cannot be used to execute arts. You can reform your arts in your depleted channels after a short rest. However, you can force your spent channels to execute an art by expending an amount of stamina equal to the art's stage. If your tradition requires you to prepare arts in advance, you execute that art.


Refinements are techniques that you can learn and apply to arts to alter them in specific ways.

Refinements each have a rank.

Each art has its own set of refinements that you know upon learning it.

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