Martial Arts
Table of Contents
  • Martial bonus determines your prowess with techniques
  • martial bonus determines highest rank technique that can be learned
  • Practitioners get to choose which mental attribute to use as their martial modifier for their martial arts
  • martial arts have no traditions like magic (they are all physical based), but there are many schools
  • practitioners can know as many techniques as they want, but can only ready a set number of them at the start of a fight
  • once a technique has been used, the practitioner needs to reset it in order to use it again
  • techniques can be:
    • strikes: attacks
    • boosts: self-buffs on next action
    • counters: can only be used as reactions
    • stances: on-going self-buff
  • techniques can be augmented (with technique augments) to alter effects
  • augments have a power level, and you can add augments with a total combined power up to your martial mastery
  • your martial mastery is equal to 1 + 1/2 of your MB (up to 9th mastery)
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