Table of Contents

Run Business: get gold

  • need to pay for facilities, tools, and hirelings (startup costs)
  • spend days to earn full income check
  • when not spending days on Run Business activity, gain diminished income
  • no upkeep necessary: income is assumed to be whatever is profit after paying maintenance costs and salaries
  • events occur that may disrupt business and fail to generate income (and even incur new debt)
  • if you employ followers, then you can reduce startup costs by omitting hireling costs; this does not affect income, even followers get salaries

Prepare for Adventure: get prep points

Fulfill Aspect: do activity related to aspect and get Fate point

  • generally longer downtime spent needed (like 1 week for 1 Fate point)

Earn Prestige Points: do activities to earn prestige points

  • generally high skill checks
  • some kind of fame grind for low-level PCs (skill check combo? and successes vs failures determine fame/prestige gained?)
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