Blinded (WIP)

When you have the blinded condition, you cannot use your visual senses to determine your surroundings. Interacting with invisible creatures and objects have the same effects as if you were blinded to them even if your visual senses are working.

  • you are unable to have line of sight with a target
  • you gain +1 disadvantage on Perception checks
  • the DC to detect anything within your reach is increased by 20
  • the DC to detect anything outside your reach is increased by 40
  • if you succeed at a Perception check to detect a creature or object, you only know what square they are in and still cannot have line of sight with a target
  • you are off-guarded against any opponent against you
  • moving faster than half your speed will cause you to fall prone unless you are expert at Acrobatics.

Burned (WIP)

The burned condition applies to injuries.

Corroding (WIP)

The corroding condition applies to injuries.

Deafened (WIP)


  • While exhausted, you cannot use any action or ability that costs Stamina points.
  • While exhausted, any effect that inflicts Stamina damage may render you unconscious.
  • When exhausted and take Strain damage, make a Con save vs. your amount of strain to stay awake. Success = stay conscious and exhausted and gain 1 grit; failure = fall unconscious.
  • When making Con vs. Strain save, incur +1 disadvantage for every grit you have.
  • When current Stamina is above zero, remove exhausted condition.
  • Creatures with no Constitution modifier cannot be exhausted, and cannot fall unconscious.
  • Base speed reduced to 5 feet. If base speed already at 5 feet or less, then cannot move.

Fatigued (WIP)

Stamina costs are doubled.
Base speed is halved.
Moving at full speed costs Stamina (not doubled).


You are gripped with fear. Frightened is tracked with a severity value of the condition, starting at 0. Each time you gain the frightened condition, increase its severity by 1 step. Each severity of frightened has a specific effect:

  1. Frightened 1 (shaken): You have +1 disadvantage on all d20 rolls.
  2. Frightened 2 (terrified): In addition to the effects of shaken, you are unable to use any actions or abilities except for those that help you get out or block line of sight between you and your source of fear. Once line of sight has been broken, you can resume using your actions and abilities as normal, but as long as you are frightened 2, the effects of terrified resume as soon as line of sight is reestablished between you and your source of fear.
  3. Frightened 3 (panicked): In addition to the effects of terrified, you drop everything that you are holding when in line of sight of your source of fear, and attacks against you gain +1 advantage.
  4. Frightened 4 (cowering): Cowering has the same effects of panicked except you are unable to move, cannot take any actions, you love your defence bonus (if any), and are off-guard to opponents.
  5. Frightened 5 and higher: Further instances of frightened have no other effects aside from making it more difficult to reduce and remove the frightened condition.

Frostbitten (WIP)

The frostbitten condition applies to injuries.

Grappled (WIP)

Invisible (WIP)

Creatures are considered to be blinded when trying to detect or interact with you while you are invisible.


When you are caught off-guard, you cannot perform reactions against the source of the condition unless you spend 1 Stamina point on the reaction in addition to Stamina spent on that reaction (if any). Attacks from the source target your Off-Guarded DV. Unless otherwise stated, you have the off-guard condition towards all opponents in a combat encounter until the start of your first turn.

Shocked (WIP)

The shocked condition applies to injuries.


Being slowed reduces your amount of actions. Slowed is tracked with a number of instances of the condition, starting at 0. Each instance of slowed reduces your number of action points by 1 (to a minimum of 0).


Strained is a condition with a counter that starts inactive at 0. When your strain value is 1 or higher, the condition becomes active, and it impairs your ability to keep fighting at your full potential.

  • You incur a penalty on d20 rolls equal to your total strain.
  • At the start of your turn as a free action, you can expend stamina equal to reduce your strain by an equal amount.
  • Strain can heal on its own when you rest (no strenuous activity). Every hour of rest reduces your strain by your Con bonus (minimum 1).
  • Medical skill can increase the hourly reduction rate with a successful check.
  • Strain can be reduced by magical healing.
  • Creatures with no Constitution modifier cannot gain the strain condition.
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