Advantage and Disadvantage

Advantages and disadvantages are modifiers applied to rolls and checks using a d20.
An advantage lets you roll another d20 to your roll or check, and you take the highest result.
A disadvantage forces you to roll another d20, and you must take the lowest result.
Different circumstances can let you gain multiple instances of advantages, or force you to incur multiple instances of disadvantages. Each adds one more d20 to roll for each instance.
One instance of advantage and one instance of disadvantage applying to the same roll cancels each other out, but not other instances of advantage or disadvantage.


Stackable (except from same source):

  • Circumstance
  • Dodge
  • Shield
  • Untyped

Not stackable:

  • Alchemical
  • Armor
  • Competence
  • Deflection
  • Enhancement
  • Inherent
  • Insight
  • Morale
  • Natural
  • Luck
  • Profane
  • Resistance
  • Sacred
  • Size
  • Trait

Experience Points

Experience points (XP) represents what you have learned from life and how it has affected you.
You earn XP from overcoming challenges, defeating enemies, and completing quests.
You can spend XP to learn new abilities or improve your attributes.
Creatures are also built with XP worth of abilities. Defeating these creatures earn XP equal to their build cost.
XP is generally earned as a party, regardless of how much each individual contributed as long as they are present within the encounter.
GMs: add up all levels of PCs during the encounter. This is the party level (PL). Add up all levels of opponents and challenges of the encounter. This is the encounter level (EL).
The base amount of XP each PC gets is 100.
Subtract the PL from the EL, and multiply the result by 10. Add the final result to the base 100 XP each PC gets.
When PL is 10 or more lvls above EL, PCs get no XP.


Level is a measure of your character's overall prowess. You start at 1st level. Every 1,000 XP you possess increases your level by 1. At 1st level, you have 1,000 XP worth of lineage traits (see Lineage), and 1,000 XP worth of cultivation options (see Growth and Training).

Creatures weaker 1st level PCs have levels denoted as fractions. One level below 1st is 1/2, the next lowest is 1/3, and so on (1/[n+1] where n equals the number of levels below 1st). Creatures have 1,000 XP worth of NPC-only lineage traits, and 1,000 XP times level worth of abilities. So a 1/3 level creature has 1,000 XP worth of NPC lineage traits, and 333 XP worth of abilities.

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