When a mechanic mentions an attribute bonus, only apply the attribute's modifier if it is positive. When a mechanic mentions an attribute penalty, only apply the attribute's modifier if it is negative.

Strength (Str; physical): Your ability to exert physical force.

  • melee attack rolls
  • reduces armor check penalty
  • carrying capacity

Dexterity (Dex; physical): Your ability to coordinate your body movement and reaction time.

  • defense value
  • reflex saving throw
  • melee attack rolls
  • ranged attack rolls

Constitution (Con; physical): Your body's innate health, endurance, and resistance to harmful effects.

  • Stamina pool

Intelligence (Int; mental): Your ability to reason and retain knowledge.

  • increase number of times skill proficiency increases can be trained

Wisdom (Wis; mental): Your ability to judge and evaluate.

  • ranged attack rolls

Charisma (Cha; mental): Your ability to exude self-worth, confidence, and appeal, and to interact with others.

Attribute Generation


All attribute modifiers start at +0. Increase and decrease each attribute as desired, but the sum of all attribute modifiers must equal 0.


Roll 1d8-4 six times, arrange as desired.

Saving Throws

Each attribute can be trained to have a base saving throw bonus used in saving throws against effects that target that attribute. Each attribute starts with a saving throw bonus of +0. Add that attribute's modifier to your saving throw roll.
Creatures that do not have an attribute modifier are immune to effects that require a saving throw using that attribute.

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