Acrobatics (Dex)

Disarm (maneuver)

You force your opponent to drop an item they are holding. For every degree of success, the item falls 5 feet away in a direction of your choosing. If you fail the check by 10 or more, you instead drop the weapon you used to make the disarm attempt (if applicable).

  • Expert: The falling range is increased to 10 feet for every degree of success. You do not drop your weapon when you fail by 10 or more.
  • Master: You fling the item in the air towards yourself or another creature within the falling range, allowing you or the other creature to catch it as long as you have a free hand and are not flat-footed.


Maneuverability modifiers:

  • Clumsy: -8
  • Poor: -4
  • Average: +0
  • Good: +4
  • Perfect: +8

Size Modifier:

  • (-1): (x2)
  • Fine: +8
  • Diminutive: +4
  • Tiny: +2
  • Small: +1
  • Medium: +0
  • Large: -1
  • Huge: -2
  • Gargantuan: -4
  • Colossal: -8
  • (+1): (x2)

Reposition (maneuver)

You force your opponent to move 5 feet for every degree of success. Each 5 feet movement must be adjacent to one another, and must be passable by your target. Movement over difficult terrain costs 10 feet over movement. The target's movement and their final position must always be within your reach. Your target does not provoke because of the movement. You cannot move your opponent into a space that is intrinsically dangerous.

  • Expert: Your target now provokes because of the movement.
  • Master: Treat difficult terrain as normal movement cost for your target's movement. You can move your opponent into a dangerous space.
  • Legendary: Swap position once with your target at any point during the reposition movement. You do not provoke because of this movement.

Trip (maneuver)

You cause your opponent to fall prone. If you fail your check by 10 or more, you are instead knocked prone. Your opponent gains a +2 bonus to their DV for every leg they possess beyond the first pair.

  • Expert: You are not knocked prone when you fail the check by 10 or more.
  • Master: The target provokes from you when they fall prone from your trip attack.


You can use Acrobatics to tumble pass opponents without provoking reactive attacks when using a move action. You can start and stop tumbling at any point during your movement. You must make an Acrobatics check each time your start tumbling, and compare the result with each opponent in range of your movement. If your check is equal or above the DC of 10 + an opponent's attack modifier with the weapon they are wielding, then that opponent cannot make a reactive attack against from you moving out of their threatened area. You can tumble through an opponent's space by increasing the DC by 5. If you are prone, you can still tumble, but you must spend a standard action to move. Every square that you tumble through costs twice as much movement than normal. You cannot tumble if your speed is reduced by carrying a medium or heavy load or from wearing medium or heavy armour.

  • Expert: Tumbling through a square no longer costs twice as much movement.
  • Master: You can tumble while having your speed reduced from carrying a medium load or wearing medium armour.
  • Legendary: You can tumble while having your speed reduced from carrying a heavy load or wearing heavy armour.
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