Xaos. That one name strikes dread in all those who hear it. It is an empire created solely to fulfill the ambitions of one man, Xaos, the Mage-Emperor. So great was his ego, the empire he named the empire he created after himself. Founded over four hundred years ago, the Mage-Emperor used foul arcane arts to extend his life and ruled ruthlessly for three centuries. He was then killed by the adventuring guild Mavericks, but then rebirthed himself through his apprentice and consort, and after a tumultuous time clawing his way back to power, continues to rule.

The Xaos Empire grows by conquest, and the lives of its people are controlled with an iron fist. However, the Mage-Emperor is not foolish. He respects those who prove themselves strong in both arms and mind, and rewards those who are loyal. The Empire lies in the northern center of Rhyn, bordering the southern edge of the Frozen Crown. The Sea of Lurin lies to its south. To its east lies the Republic of Valkirk after having conquered the kingdoms of Karkista and Garand. To its west lies the hobgoblin kingdom of Garazhan and the wild lands of the Norgrim Moors, blocked by the fierce strength of the people of those two lands.


Imperial Center of Xaos

This is the capital of the Xaos Empire, once more named after its founder and still ruler.

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