Region: Viridian Marches

The Stolen Lands
Alignment: CN.
Capital: None.
Notable Settlements: Castello Drelevo, Promethea, Wolfshold.
Ruler: None.
Government: None.

  • Uncommon: Deianeira, Sevrash.
  • Rare: Kimylia, Sindall, Tiamat, Tierra.


  • Uncommon: centaur (Thalamech), halfling (Valoix), human (Cassimi, Merassimi, Venici), kobold (Sootscale), sakkadi (Bluecrest), troll (Gronbrosk).
  • Rare: cyclops (Carpathi), goblin (Helzharni), orc (Norgrish).


  • Common: centaur (Vronti), halfling (Valish), human (Venici), kobold (Roostahm), troll (Gronbrosk)
  • Uncommon: human (Cassimish, Merassimic)


Age of Horrors

  • The barrier between the Prime and Faerie is thin, resulting in a heavy presence of fey creatures.
  • Cyclops expand their Halakon empire into the region and enslave the centaurs, trolls, and hill giants that live there. Most fey hide themselves, while more cruel fey ally with the Cyclops. The human barbarians known as the Merasimi are also enslaved.
  • The Halakon Empire is destroyed with the arrival of the Cosmic Horrors. The cyclopean necromancer Vorakios hides himself in his stronghold in the eastern mountain range called the Greyfang Peaks. Over time, he becomes a lich.

Age of Starlight

  • Aerlonesti elves and Ohramdûr dwarves colonize the region.
    • The elves ally with the Thunderhoof centaurs and make covenants with the fey. The province of Selimbral is established.
    • The dwarves build their strongholds in the Greyfang Peaks. The province of Barom-gar.
    • The Merasimi barbarians are gradually integrated into Selimbral and Barom-gar as labourers.
  • A thousand years after Barom-gar is established, further expansion through the Greyfangs leads the dwarves to intrude Vorakios' stronghold, awakening the lich from his slumber.
  • Vorakios wages a devastating war upon the elves and dwarves. Many die before an alliance of elves, dwarves, humans and centaurs defeat his undead armies and seal him in his crypt. The centaurs are given the honour of safeguard Vorakios' Crypt.
  • Selimbral and Barom-gar spend a hundred years rebuilding. Sensing weakness, a horde of green dragons known as the Viridescians lay waste to the elves and dwarves, completely wiping them out. The Thunderhoof centaurs flee eastward beyond the Greyfangs, while the Merasimi flee north.
  • The elves and dwarves retreat from the Viridian Marches while the Viridescian rule the region.

Age of Kings

  • Humans of the Cassimi empire fight the green dragons for the land. They rule the region for several hundred years, warring separately with trolls and centaurs before the Viridescian dragons return in force and lay waste to them.
  • The Célestar League battle the Viridescian dragons in the region, nearly exterminating them.
  • Célestar attempts to colonize the region fail with the Cataclysm and the following Fiend Soul War.

Age of Strife

  • Over the span of several thousand years, colonization efforts are made from the Holy Radimus Empire, Issos, Carpathos, Minocea, and Venicar. The efforts fail due to several reasons: wars and acts of sabotage between the nations, rebellious centaurs and Merasimi tribes, troubles with fey and trolls, periodic rampages by Viridescian dragons.
  • Lurindor under the Rastoli dynasty attempts to colonize the region. Their efforts fail when the Merchant Rebellion occurs.
  • Lurindor re-attempts to colonize the region under the rule of the Merchant Lords. Once again, the colonization fails when the Trade Wars occurs.
  • The Viridescian dragons ally with Zhao-Khan and reclaim the region during the Tyrant's World War, but they are then hunted by the Celesian Alliance after the Tyrant's defeat.

Age of Reckoning

  • Factions from Tassimar attempt to take over the region. The land rush falls into disarray as infighting amongst the bandit lords grows to dominate the colonisation effort.
  • Tassimar's colonization effort results only in an influx of bandit groups preying on trade between Lurindor and Radimus and Issos.
  • 98 6A—The troll Kingdom of Klorgfang is founded in the South Evergreen Plains.
  • 108 6A—The Châteaufoy Trade House of Lurindor sponsors four expeditions to colonize the Viridian Marches. In the Thalamech Uplands, the colony of Wolfshold is founded as the capital of the nation of Grondeloup. In the Drakethorn Glades, the colony of Castello Drelevo is founded as the capital of the nation of Drelevona. In the Ursan Highlands, the expedition fails. Instead, the Tassimaran city-state of Lorthens makes their own claims in that region of the Marches. In the North Evergreen Plains, the bandit king known as the Stag Lord is defeated by the Evergreen Company.
  • 109 6A—In the North Evergreen Plains, the colony of Promethea is founded as the capital of the nation of Prateria.
  • 111 6A—The Kingdom of Klorgfang declares war on the nation of Prateria. The Evergreen War lasts 5 months and ends in a Praterian victory. Prateria annexes most of Klorgfang, except for the swamplands around the Bluecrest sakkadi tribe in return for their switching sides from the trolls to the Praterians.


Prior to 108 6A, no recognized government controlled any significant portion of the Viridian Marches until the Châteaufoy colonization initiative.

As of 113 6A, the following states exist in the Viridian Marches.




Thunderhoof Centaurs

The Thunderhoof centaurs are a semi-nomadic people split into over a hundred different tribes, each with an average number of a thousand members.


Deianeira: Many of the hunters and trappers venerate the goddess of the wilds.


Drakethorn Glades

Castello Drelevo

Lake Drakethorn

Evergreen Plains

Arbor's Rest



Greentusk Keep
Formerly Khar-Dovân, Greentusk Keep was originally a city of the dwarf state of Barom-gar. It was one of the last settlements founded by the dwarvish state as they expanded west into the Jadehorn Peaks. It was abandoned by the dwarves some time after Barom-gar fell, unable to support itself in face of growing dangers. Over time, many tribes of dangerous creatures established themselves in various parts of the ruined city, including a tribe of trolls calling themselves the Greentusks.

In 98 6A, a powerful figure among the Greentusks emerged, a half-dragon/half-troll called Hrondgren. Backed with enormous resources from an unknown source, Hrondgren came to first rule his tribe, then all the other monsters in the ruined city. Hrondgren renamed the city to Greentusk Keep, and declared it to be his capital in his new Kingdom of Klorgfang.

On Karthoran 16th, 111 6A, Greentusk Keep fell to the forces of Prateria, the last significant action of the Evergreen War between Klorgfang and the new state of Prateria. With Prateria's decision to annex nearly all of Klorgfang's territory into its own, Greentusk Keep came under her rule. Prateria has allowed the trolls and the other dangerous tribes to remain in Castrum Mons as long as they accept her rule and followed her laws.




Haag Rughir





Orn Sini

Capital of the nation of Prateria, founded on Kaïshan 12th, 109 6A by the Evergreen Company.


Seormaw was founded by the Klorgfang kingdom in 99 6A in a pass in the Jadehorn Peaks that connected the Evergreen Plains to the realm of Carpathos to its south. Seormaw served as both a bastion to defend the pass, and as a trade outpost with the cyclopian city-states. It became the kingdom's most cosmopolitan settlements, with significant communities of trolls, cyclops, and minotaurs.

Seormaw was occupied by the forces of Prateria on Zhaoren 28th, 111 6A, after its forces were relocated to Greentusk Keep as its last line of defense. Seormaw fell under Prateria's rule when the latter annexed most of Klorgfang's territory. Its dangerous communities were allowed to continue living in the settlement as long as they recognized Prateria's rule and followed her laws.


Cypress Hills
Draketooth Forest
Greenbelt River
Lake Iridesence
Old Arborfane
Trollmarg Hills
Wickerlight Isle

Thalamech Uplands


Ursan Highlands

Bearfoot Plains
Lake Candledawn
Whispersong Woods

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