Republic of Valkirk

The Republic of Valkirk is a nation of former city-states that have banded together in a federation with a central government. The Republic covers the land north of Valendar and west of Hynaeria. Its western border is heavily armed as it is shared with the Xaos Dominion. Some western regions of Valkirk remain under Xaosian rule since they were conquered in Xaos' invasion in the last age with the Republic never succeeding in liberating them.

The Republic began in the year 5012 AoS when four city-states agreed to form an alliance. The purpose of the alliance was to provide mutual defense and increase trade with each other. The alliance proved to be a success, and more city states joined. The first cities were predominantly human, but towns and cities of other races soon joined as well. With the ideals of freedom and cooperation guiding their hands, the various different people managed to work together, although it has not always been easy.

The Republic was truly formed in 5047 AoS when the Valkirk Treaty was ratified, and a unified government was formed. Each city-state would retain its own political autonomy, but overall military and trade legalities would fall under the authority of the new Chancellor of the Republic, the High Council, and the Republic Senate. The Senate is formed by representatives elected from each city-state, the High Council is composed of each city-state's ruler, and the Chancellor is the head of state and chief executive of the Republic who is elected by the people.



This large city is the seat of Valkirk's Chancellory and Senate.

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