Gryphon's Crest



Gryphon's Crest is governed by the Masked Conclave, seven individuals whose identities are cloaked in disguise and magic, each different from the other, yet all ruling equally. They are known only as Azure Storm, Crimson Wolf, Diamond Fox, Golden Pegasus, Jade Phoenix, Silver Warden, and Verdant Sky. The same Seven Masked Lords have ruled since the passing of the Founding Lords. It is presumed that the person behind the identity has changed over time, as some Masked Lords were publicly seen killed. It is also suspected that the regalia of each Masked Lord, each different in style and looks, magically hides the features of the person. Although, each Masked Lord varies in height and girth, none have ever changed from their first appearance. Silver Warden has always been the tallest of the group, and Azure Storm the shortest. It is also impossible to tell the gender of the Masked Lord, either by sight or vocally. Even powerful magic is blocked from discovering their identities.

Underneath the Conclave is the Council of Peers. The Council is composed of the heads of the noble families, as well as the commanding officers of the city's armed forces. The Council serves as a forum to propose and debate new policies, laws and petitions to the Conclave. The Council itself makes no decision; only the Masked Conclave can issue such resolutions. In this way, the role of the Council of Speakers is to advise and make requests of the Conclave. There are always at least two members of the Conclave present when the Council is convened.


The law is well-developed in Gryphon's Crest. A system of courts and a good supply of barristers ensure that justice is carried through most of the time for most of the people. It is only hampered by the quagmire of rules and regulations inherent to such a complex bureaucracy.

The city is regularly patrolled by the City Watch.

General laws:

  • Physical assaults, killing, thievery will result in immediate arrest and detention for various lengths of time.
  • Destruction of private and public property, vandalism, and disturbances of the peace will result in an immediate fine of various sizes, and possibly arrest for severe cases. The event will be marked down in the perpetrator's criminal record. Typically, a third offence will result in arrest as well.
  • Weapons: All weapons may be carried openly in public. Drawing weapons in public will result in investigation by the law as well as confiscation of said weapons during the period of said investigation, as well as possible detainment at least for as long as the investigation. A license costing 100 gp per month may be purchase to be allowed to draw weapons in public without being fined or having the weapon confiscated (fines, confiscation, or arrest may still occur depending on actions following the drawing of weapons).
  • Magic: The casting of spells in public is prohibited. The casting of spells on one's self in public and of non-lethal spells on public surroundings and animals will result in fines. The casting of spells on other people without consent will result in immediate arrest and detainment. A license of 150 gp per month may be purchase to be allowed to cast spells on one's self and on objects in public without being fined (fines or arrest may still occur depending on actions following the spellcasting).

Adventuring in Gryphon's Crest

Gryphon's Crest's ties to adventurers runs deep with many of its notable figures, both in history and in present times, having made their success by venturing into the unknown or taking foolhardy risks. The city benefits from the influx of wealth and excitement brought by adventurers, and many businesses thrive on them during their forays into the Shadowcrawl.

Nonetheless, the city has had to form a system to regulate such a chaotic group so as to not completely disrupt life in Gryphon's Crest. This is accomplished through adventuring charters. For adventurers to work in groups and and openly carry weapons and magic inside the city without hassle, they must purchase an adventuring charter from the city in order to work and stay in Gryphon's Crest. Otherwise, they will have to pay stiff fees and abide by constraining laws. The charter also provides some bonuses such as special discounts, access to unique vendors and rare equipment, and some privileges with the law.

Charters can be issued out to adventuring groups of sizes of one and upward. Adventurers can obtain charters at the Gryphon's Crest Adventuring League, which is part of the city government itself, and must provide a unique name and emblem for the group. Each additional member of an adventuring company must be issued a charter license (obtained at reduced cost compared to the charter itself). In order for adventurers to benefit from the privileges provided by such charters, they must openly display their company emblem on their body, and provide their license on the spot if asked for. When a charter is created, two copies are made. One goes to the adventurers themselves, and the other is kept by the League. Both the charter and licenses have the name of the company and the image of the company emblem on them, as well as the official seal of the Adventuring League and the city of Gryphon's Crest.

Note that due to the nature of the ever-changing roster of adventuring groups and the need for privacy, the names of specific adventurers are never recorded in the charter or license, nor in the records of the League, only the company name and emblem is recorded. Therefore, it is critical that adventurers do not lose their original charter, license or emblem to anyone outside of the company, or else others may impersonate them. Offenses made by one member of a company will result in the penalization of all members.

Adventuring charters allow:

  • Public carrying of all types of weapons in public.
  • The open casting of spells of all types. Be warned that the resulting consequences of the spell remain restricted by the law (e.g. a spell that kills another person or causes large-scale property damage will still result in the caster being arrested for homicide or being heavily fined respectively).
  • The exemption of being detained for questioning and confiscation of weaponry when used in public if involved in a matter of self-defense that can be backed up by non-associated witnesses immediately on the spot.
  • Access to buy and sell equipment and supplies reserved for the city watch and army at their respective quartermasters.
  • Access to job requests made by city officials.

The cost of a charter 1,000 gp for a 1-year period, 4,000 gp for a 5-year period, 7,500 gp for a 10-year period, and 25,000 gp for a lifetime charter. Charter licenses cost 100 gp each.



The noble class was establish during Gryphon's Crest push for expansion. The Founding Seven offered titles and special privileges to attract wealthy families to the city. The soon-to-be nobles brought with them the funding needed to build land and employ labour. In recognition of the wealth and influence they brought, the Council of Peers was establish with the heads of each noble family having a seat. This council would form the legislative branch of the government, debating new laws and policies, and bring their concerns to the Masked Lords directly.

Nobles are granted the right to bear a coat-of-arms, and have a personal guard up to one hundred individuals (the law limits the number to 5 for non-nobles). Nobles are exempt of the weapons and spellcasting restrictions, with similar privileges as chartered adventurers. Their guard also benefit from this, but only when openly displaying the family coat-of-arms on their body. Doing so makes the noble family they belong to responsible for their actions, ensuring that they be on their best behaviour.

Nobles benefit greatly from the Council of Peers. For ordinary citizens, the only way to address the Masked Conclave is to be by a member of the Council. Nobles can also present and push forward agendas and requests on behalf of others. Therefore, many seek the gain the favour of one of the noble families, giving them gifts and doing favours for them.

A family can be elevated to noble status by the backing of 3 other noble families and with the approval of one of the Masked Lords. However, there has not been a need to create another noble house for a long time now that Gryphon's Crest has reached a stable growth. The last noble house created was House Greysteel, over three hundred years ago. These days, commoners can gain noble status by marrying into the family.

Nobles are addressed as Lord or Lady. The head of the house is the family member who holds the seat in the Council of Peers, and is recognized as the head by the Masked Conclave, and is also addressed as Councillor. Upon being designated as head of the family, the Councillor designates their heir, who is typically their eldest child regardless of gender, and recognized by the Masked Conclave as well. However, there have been occasions where the heir was designated as another member of the family. Members of a noble house include all family members who can clearly trace their lineage back to the founding members of their house.





Principal Custodian League: Guild for sanitation workers of the city. They are more than simple janitors, employing magic users to bolsters their efforts to keep the city clean, and well-equipped parties to delve into the city's sewer system to maintain it and clear out the occasional wandering monsters. They are known to hire adventurers for more dangerous challenges.

Stalwart Circle of Magi: Gryphon's Crest guild of arcane spellcasters. They work closely with the government to help prevent the use of magic getting out of control in the city. They operate the Collegium of Arcana, a formal university for students of magic. The Tower of the Circle is also where one can reliably buy and sell magical items or hire spellcasting services.


Common District

This area is ever growing, and houses the general population of the city. Aside from homes, there are several taverns, and there are some shops that cater to common needs.

Docks District

Gryphon's Crest port is enormous, and accommodates all shipping, both by sea and by air. It rivals the Gold District with the number of shops, inns, and taverns. There are many warehouses here as well.

Garden District

This area was developed to be a place of beauty and relaxation. There are many beautiful gardens and parks, and most grow many exotic plants that are often collected as ingredients. Most of the city's elves and gnomes make their homes here. The Suldeinor Embassy is also located here. It is located in the northern part of the city.

Gold District

This is the city's main trade and commerce area, located right at the southern entrance of the city. Most shops and inns are located here.

Iron District

This is the city's main manufacturing district, and is partially built into Gryphon Peak. It is the dirtiest part of the city, a result from all the smithing, tanning, and many other types of labour that goes on here. Despite all the smoke and refuse generated, magic and the well-funded Sanitation Guild have made this area still livable and minimize the pollution. The dwarven embassy is located here.

Palace District

This area is at the very heart of Gryphon's Crest. It is where the most governmental buildings are located. It also houses the main barracks for both the military and the police. It is also where most nobles live. It is the richest, cleanest, and most secure districts in the city.

Places of Interest


Bumpleton's Brews and Ointments: A male gnome named Arkibald Bumpleton runs this store. It deals in potions and alchemical items.

Chiselstone Gems: A female dwarf named of Brelda Chiselstone runs this store. It buys and sells gems and jewelry.

Crimson Armoury: A male human named Jored Redshield runs this smithy. It deals with weapons and armour.

Delatharn's Apothecary: A female half-elf named Rosianne Delatharn runs this store. It deals with potions, and alchemical items.

Drayson's Ironworks: A female human named Portia Drayson runs this smithy. It deals with weapons and armour.

Everton's Shop of Curios: A male halfling named Jeantil Everton runs this store. It deals in general and exotic goods.

Fortune's Goods: A female human named Amaya Odabi runs this store. It deals with general goods and gear.

Gryphon Guard Quartermaster:

House of Crafts & Wonders: A male human named Tiang Linshu runs this store. It deals with general and exotic goods and gear.

Ironshield Arms & Armour: A male dwarf named Kadar Ironshield runs this smithy. It deals with weapons and armour.

Jester's Jewelry: A male human named Holden Brigmark runs this store. It deals with gems and jewelry.

Keller's Leatherworks: A female human named Jemma Keller runs this store. It deals with leather-made goods, armour, and clothing.

Ragnar's Supplies: A male dwarf named Ragnar Froststone runs this store. It deals with adventuring and general gear.

Sunneth's Fine Leathers: A female half-elf named Tuala Sunneth runs this store. It deals with leather goods and armour.

Telford's Bows: A human male Rowen Telford runs this store. It deals with bows and arrows.

Tower of the Stalwart Magi:

Taggart's Smithy: A male half-orc named Lorok Taggart runs this smithy. It deals with weapons and armour.

Windsong Arrows & Bolts: A female elf named Caladaï Windsong runs this store. It deals with bows, crossbows, and their respective ammunition.


Bright Hall of Justice: Temple dedicated to Kaï-den. Solar Judicator Domar Valderin is the head priest and bishop of the region.

Golden Hall of Jubilee: Temple dedicated to Phaenya. High Fortunemistress Marlette Blossomhill is the head priestess.

Temple of the Storming Dragon: Temple dedicated to Shenlong. High Skymother Elindra Parios is the head priestess and also administers the faithful in the surrounding region.

Inns and Taverns

Blue Song Tavern:

Red Dragon's Hoard Inn & Tavern: A large tavern and inn that caters specifically to the adventuring community in Gryphon's Crest. Located in the Gold District right next to the Palace District.

Other Places of Interest

Anathaeum of Lore and Knowledge: This is a grand library filled with many tomes on many subjects. Visitors must pay a fee to enter, and books cannot be taken out of the building. Scribes are on hand to provide copies of text for a fee.

Collegium of Arcana: A university for spellcasters run by the Stalwart Circle of Magi.

Astral Lyceum of Arts: A renown college for bardcraft.


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