The Untamed Lands. A vast expanse of land filled with monsters, ruins, and opportunities. It is a land of city-states where the law ends at the city walls, and enforced by the blade. Ruins of civilizations that have risen and fell over the millenia dominate the landscape. Ancient dragons still maintain their domains. Nonetheless, the richness of the land continue to attract settlers. It is a land that need adventurers!

Valendar is the largest region on the continent of Rhyn. It shares borders with the Republic of Valkirk, the Suldeinor Confederacy, and the Kingdom of Hynaeria to its north. On its western border lies the Sea of Lurin and the nation of Lurindor. The region is limited by the Esmera Sea to its south, and the Titanica Sea to the east.



Allinor is an unwalled village of about five hundred inhabitants, composed mostly of humans but with a significant minority of elves and half-elves. The village is primarily a farming community, and much of its exports travel up the river Gandol to the towns on the southern shore of Crescent Moon Sea. Elda Millchild, a human woman of fifty years, is the community's mayor, and has held the post for twenty years. She has held the post for so long because the villager are fairly pragmatic andunambitious; Elda was the only capable of doing the job and willing to do it.

Allinor has no military, but does have a small police force. Sheriff Morin, a human man slightly over forty years, keeps the peace along with a dozen deputies. In times of trouble, the village can muster a militia of two hundred and fifty able bodies. Despite their low numbers, the elves have proven themselves in past conflicts to be a powerful asset, having several skills rangers and spellcasters among them. Maïa'syn, a wood elf woman over three centuries old, has long been the representative of the elven community.


Blackstone is a large city with a population of over fourteen thousands humans. Located midway between the Sea of Stars and the the Sea of Lurin, it has grown strong thanks to the trade with Lurindor in the west, and the lands of Valendar in the east. Its inhabitants are a fierce and cunning folk, and they need to be. They have been forced to fend off attempts, both diplomatic and military, by Maldurant to bring them under that city's rule. Blackstone is named so for the obsidian stone that is in abundance in this area. Many of its building are made from this stone, and the city has many tall, black towers, surrounded by a thick wall of black stone.

Blackstone is governed by the Council of Nobles, composed of thirteen members who select one among themselves to serve as Chancellor. The Council was originally formed by descendants of the nine families that founded Blackstone seven hundred years ago, one from each family. Four more seats were added to exceptional families over the years for extraordinary service to the city. The current chancellor is Emil Hendrickson, a human man in his fifties. He is known to be wily intelligent merchant adept at playing politics.

Blackstone's military, called the Blackhelms, is composed of four thousand professional soldiers. Marshal Marcella Veron, a human woman in her forties, leads the army. She is a career officer, having gone up the ranks since she first joined as private at the age of sixteen. She is highly skilled in warfare tactics and strategy, as well as being an expert fighter herself. The Blackhelms have a division of over a hundred battlemages, expertly trained by Blackstone mage guild, the Obsidian Wands.

Blackstone has a small thieves' guild, the Dark Shadows. They prey mostly on the wealthy merchants and nobles, but have never grown a large enough threat to the city's wealth and economy. Each time the guild has grown larger in the past, the government starts a vicious crackdown that almost crippled the guild. Presently, the guild's small number allows them to act with little notice and the ease of moving their bases and operations quickly and quietly. The guild's leader has always been known as the First Shadow, whose identity is always hidden.


The fertile lands on Navariath's eastern edge gave birth to the farming community of Blossomdale. Its green fields and hills grow the trees and bushes that blossom so beautifully in the spring that gave the town its name. At the center of all the farmland lies a gathering of homely buildings, about fifty or so. It serves as the center of the community, where everyone can gather and trade and services are provided.

Blossomdale is ruled by a mayor, elected every five years, and is currently a middle-aged human man by the name of Johann Humes. The town is defended by a small force known as the Blossomguard, led by the halfling man Étien Fulbarrow. As the town lies on the southern shore of the Hanali River, trade ships often visit the town.


Cherryhill is a small hamlet composed of gnomes and halflings. It is situated in a hilly region, and it is named after the vast number of cherry trees. The cherries are Cherryhill's main source of income, either sold as is, as jam or dried. The community of Cherryhill have also created a wonderful cherry wine which is sought after from every corner of Rhyn.

Citadel Fireforge

Ruled by Daìn Duggan Redhammer, a relatively young male, but experienced warrior. Citadel Fireforge was established three hundred years ago, fairly recent by dwarven standards. Duggan only came into power twenty years ago upon his father's unexpected death in a battle with orcs. He was recalled from the battlefield and leads with uncertainty but with great courage. Fireforge's location was due to the many veins of metal ore, but is within raiding distance of several orc settlements.

Citadel Hârador

Ruled by Daìn Morgraine Ironforge, an elder and female dwarf paladin of Kaï-den. It is located in the Silverpeak Mountains.


Crimsoneye is a village of orcs of the Crimsoneye tribe. The orcish hero, Kragore the Crimsoneye, founded the tribe and village after laying a swath of death and destruction against the wood elves living there at the time. The village never really grew beyond its current size. Each time it did, the Crimsoneye orcs would pour out into the surrounding area and attack their neighbors. They would be beaten back eventually, but the village was well fortified and survived numerous assaults. In the end, Crimsoneye's neighbors felt it was less costly to just let the orcs be and fight back against the occasional attack.

Dol Bradûr

Dol Bradur is a small city of hill dwarves.

Dol Grendar

Dol Grendar is a small town of hill dwarves.


Drakengard is a large city with a population over over fifteen thousand humans. Originally established as a fiefdom of the kingdom of Turkhan over two thousand years ago, the city survived its kingdoms fall and became an independent city-state. It is currently ruled by Duchess Aria Drakebane, whose family has held onto their noble rank since the days of Turkhan. Duchess Aria is a middle-aged, but still beautiful woman with a keen mind. She has been able to play the lesser noble families and rich merchants like puppets in the arena of politics. Aria has planned on establishing her own kingdom, and encourages trade. Inevitably, an underground black market formed for illicit goods, such as drugs and slaves. Drakengard fiercely holds onto its independence, and despises any interference from other nations or groups.

Drakengard maintains a powerful military and police force. They tolerate the black market when sufficiently bribed, but there is no price to allow foreign agents to operate in their city. The military numbers over five thousand professional soldiers and are called the War Drakes. The army is led by General Fiore von Hashten, a human male over forty years old. He is arrogant and belligerent, but makes up for it for being a master strategist and tactician. Drakengard's police force is know as Drake's Guard, and number over two thousand.


Eversky is a large town of elves.


Firethorne is a small town of humans.

Gallow's Keep

Gallow's Keep is a small hamlet of humans.


Grozak is small city composed of hobgoblins and goblins. Its buildings are crude-looking, but solid and practical. A strong stone wall surrounds the city. They raid their neighbors for slaves, and use those slaves in their farms and mines.

Gryphon's Crest

One of the largest cities of not only Valendar, but all of Rhyn, Gryphon's Crest is this region's center of commerce. Gryphon's Crest is ideally situated where the great river Aldur and the Bay of Shandor meet, which connects the sea in the east to the lands of Lurindor in the west. The city was founded over two millenia ago, and took its name after the large number of griffons that lived in the area. As one of the major trading centers in the region, almost anything can be found and bought in Gryphon's Crest.

In order to encourage a large amount of trade from a myriad of sources, Gryphon's Crest is a very open and tolerant city. The only things that the citizens of Gryphon's Crest do not tolerate is thievery and cheaters. Although the majority of citizens are humans, there are a large number of people from other races. Elves, dwarves, and halflings make up the majority of the non-human population. Almost all religions have a temple or shrine here, even those of the Dark Gods, though theirs are hidden. The temples of Kaï-den, Illia, Kimylia, St. Radimus, St. Jerac, and Vandar are the main temples.

Gryphon's Crest maintains its own army, the Blade Talons, and they number over five thousand. Gryphon's Crest is renown for its flight of elite griffon riders, numbering around five hundred strong. The city also hosts a large and powerful wizard's guild, whose mages aid the army in time of danger. The Shield Talons are the city's police force. They patrol the streets, upholding the law, protecting the citizenry, and investigating crimes.

The city is ruled by a High Lord and his council. The High Lord is elected by the council members to serve for life, while the council members are elected by the tax-paying citizens. Each council member is in charge of a specific duty of the city, such as defense, treasury, or agriculture. The current High Lord is Rennar Rathain, a high-ranking paladin of Kaï-den and a retired adventurer. Rennar is a man who stands for justice, and is wily enough to use politics for good.


Havenwood is a small village of humans.


Herackt is a small town established by minotaurs from Kratos over three hundred years ago. It is located north of that city. It serves as an outpost and farm town. Much of its produce goes to Kratos. A small army of minotaurs garrison here that battle the Grassstrider centaurs.


Hundarl is a small city of humans. It survived the fall of the Kingdom of Calimdor five hundred years ago. The Hundarl nobles originally founded the city and ruled in the name of their king. Baron Jareil Hundarl is the latest of his line. Although he maintains the original noble title given to his family, he governs Hundarl as a king. He wishes to expand his rule to a true kingdom, but lacks the resources and skill to do so.


Kratos is a large city of minotaurs on the shore of the Emerald Sea. They seek to form their own kingdom, already establishing the minotauren town of Herackt. However, they war constantly with Maldurant's expansion to the west, and with the Grassstrider centaurs to the north. Kratos maintains a mighty fleet, and feeds its people with farming and fishing. An elaborate slave system is present. Slaves come from prisoners of war, trade with other cities (no questions asked), criminals, or people who need to pay off debts. Slaves do shave some rights and protections, and are capable of gaining their freedom, though most do not.


Laskyr is a large city of humans. It is ruled by a cabal of wizards known as the Mage-Lords. Anyone with magical skills can become part of the upper class, regardless of his or her past. They enjoy most of the wealth and privileges of the city. Those without magical skills are second-class citizens, receiving only the scraps of the upper class. Slavery is allowed; some whisper that mages use slaves for their experiments.


Louvin is known as the City of Poets. It is an old city, dating back many centuries, yet has never declined. It has retained its splendor and sophistication, thanks in part due to the relaxed attitude of its citizens. It has a population of over twenty thousand people, divided equally between humans and halflings. It is known for its canals throughout the city, and its artistic architecture.

This large city is often considered as the peak of civilization. Its people embrace etiquette, proper protocols, philosophy, and the classical arts. Romance, festivals, and fine dining define Louvin's culture. Its zoo is visited by various dignitaries, and the Célini Gardens impress even the eldest of elves. The city is also known for some of the most exquisite wine it produces from fields surrounding the city. Riches flow easily into the city, and some of its officials and merchants get too greedy and abuse their power. A thieves guild known as the Velvet Hands prey mostly on these crooked individuals, using many of their spoils to alleviate the suffering of Louvin's fairly large population of poor.


Maldurant is an industrial metropolis with expansionistic ambitions. It is located strategically on the northern shore of the Sea of Stars, where it grew quickly in both power and trade. With a population of over a hundred thousand, it is offically ruled by a lord and council, elected every two years. However, it is barely a secret that the true rulers of the city are the hidden leaders of the ruthless Manticore Society. It is from this seat of power that they work towards their ambitious goal of taking over the world.

Life for the citizens of Maldurant is actually not as bad as some would believe in a tyrannical regime. Although the laws and penalties are strict and severe, and that the taxes are high, there is very little crime and the citizens are actually well-protected and public services are competent and efficient. Those who demonstrate skill and loyalty are rewarded fairly and advance higher into society. Those who do not barely survive.

Maldurant is one of the very few cities where the church of Zhao-Kahn is worshipped so openly and with so much opulence. The Black Iron Cathedral is one of the majestic, albeit evil-looiking, temples in Valendar. The Zhao-Kahn faith hold sway in Maldurant, rising when the Chimera Society took power.


Mayferry is a small village of halflings.


"As you enter the city of Mysthaven, you find it difficult to see where the boundaries between city and forest. The great aurdrassils, giant trees thick as a house and many stories high, surround and tower over you. Large green leaves form a canopy over, letting through a scattering of beams of sunlight. The main roads, although paved with stone, gracefully curve between the massive trees, flowing throughout town like rivers."

"You see that many of Mysthaven's housing are either built within or around and attached to the great trees. Stairs wind around trees, leading to great platforms and walkways supported overhead. Buildings built on the ground are heavily influenced with the elven style, made of mostly white stone and elaborate woodwork in the image of natural plant life."

The city of Mysthaven resides in the great forest of Navaraith, on the southern shore of the Lake of the Crescent Moon. It is a beautiful city that exists among the massive tree. Many of its structures are built around or within the massive trees, from ground level to many dozen of feet upward, all linked by bridges and platforms. Many ground-based structures exist, carefully built to in harmony with its natural surroundings. All of the buildings in Mysthaven display elven style decoration, with tree-like motifs and elegant, flowing lines. Its streets, made of white stone or gravel, weave and flow around the trees like rivers. Beautiful flower bushes and vines decorate the city, and sunlight glitters downward through the canopy of green leaves overhead.

Mysthaven's people are mostly humans, elves, and half-elves, but you also see dwarves, gnomes, and halfling in small groups, as well as the occasional half-orc or another race. Everyone appears to live in harmony, being soft-spoken and courteous with each other. Subtle and gentle elven melodies fill the air, constant, but never overbearing.

The city is ruled by the elf Cyrussilar Ari'luth, a legendary hero and adventurer from the previous age. The people are represented by a council of elected representatives by the citizens of the city. However, it is known that the real power lies in the hands of the Mavericks, a guild of adventurers of which Lord Cyrussilar is the master of. Many government officials are retired adventurers that belong to that guild.


Neliss is a small city of humans, elves, and half-elves, and was established over seven hundred years ago. It is ruled by a council composed of the heads of seven noble families, who then elect a Speaker of the Council who governs for ten years. It was founded by the Azure Cloaks, an adventuring guild composed of elves and humans who sought better relations between their two people. Over the centuries, relations between the humans and elves have gone up and down, but they have yet to tear their city apart. Currently, racial relations are stable, but two of noble families, both human, have been making ambitious move in increasing their influence and weakening that of the elves.


Norgaunt is a large city of humans. It is ruled by a royal family and a senate. The current ruler is Archduke Astor Lorenz, a highly skilled and charismatic young man. Norgaunt is a powerful trade hub. It is also notable for having an elaborate slave system. People become slaves for breaking the law, being an enemy combatant, or to fulfill a debt, but still have certain rights and protections. It is a very old city, steep in history and tradition that carry a lot of wright.


Selinor is a large village of elves.


Silnoa is a small city of humans.


Silvanei is a small city of elves.


This magical metropolis is the largest concentration of elves and the center of elven culture in the region of Valendar. First built during the waxing of the Starlight Empires, it survived the fall of the Azsharylaan Empire and continued to prosper. The city's population numbers over 60,000, all elves. Only pureblooded elves, excepting the Nui'anthyr and half-elves, are normally allowed entrance to the city. It is ruled by a Solarch who is assisted by the Council of Elders, the heads of the twelve most powerful elven Houses of the city.

Those who have visited the city will recount what a truly magical place it is. Beautiful elven architecture of wood, marble and alabaster stone meld perfectly with enormous trees that glitter silver and gold. Enthralling melodies are almost perpetually sung, and the gardens are perhaps the closest to paradise. Magic is used to to enhance city life, such as singing statues, floating lights, and glowing fountains.

Solonaith is ideally located near the center of Valendar, just west of the Navaraith forest. The city itself rests in a valley surrounded by tall mountains, with only a gap facing the east as its only opening.

Over the millenia, the residents of Solonaith have gathered many magical items and developed many powerful spells. Protected by powerful enchantments, and bolstered by an army with many experienced warriors and powerful wizards and clerics, the city is able to resist even the most formidable of armies.


Spikeholm is a large village of humans.


Terlocke is a small town of humans.


Thelgor is a large town of humans and dwarves.

Thunderstrike Hall

This dwarven city is built within and underneath the eastern arm of the Thundercrash mountain range. Thunderstrike Hall was founded over two thousand years ago, which is fairly recent compared the other dwarven cities. Its founders were the dwarves of the Strikinghammer clan, and its current daìn is Baroth Strikinghammer, a former adventurer. Thunderstrike Hall is renown for its rich veins of various mineral ores, including the rare and superior éthriel.

For much of its history, the location of Thunderstrike Hall remained a closely guarded secret to protect it from would-be invaders who would plunder it for its riches. The Strikinghammer clan would conduct its business with magical transportation to surface cities. Thunderstrike Hall's secret was finally revealed when one of the Strikinghammers' trading partner, the Crown Consortium, betrayed them. The Crown Consortium managed conquered the dwarven city for over fifty years, using it as a secret source of income and a prison for their enemies. Eventually, Baroth Strikinghammer, the heir of the clan, re-took the city, rebuilding it into the splendor of its past.

Under Baroth's rule, Thunderstrike Hall expanded beyond the mountain. There is now an extension of the city in the area just outside the main gates into the mountain side. Surrounded by a massive stone wall, this grouping of twenty buildings is called the Outer City, and the original Thunderstrike Hall is called the Inner City. The Outer City is Thunderstrike Hall's first line of defense and where most of the trading with outsiders is done.

Thunderstrike Hall has a population of over five thousand, all dwarves. The Hall is defended by the famous dwarven mercenary force called the Ironheart Brigade who are on a permanent retainer to the Strikinghammer clan. The main exports of Thunderstrike Hall are various metals ore including éthriel and manufactured metal objects and weapons, as well as excellent dwarven ale and mushroom delicacies. The dwarves import woodwork and foodstuff.


Warskar is a large city of humans. This city has a long history of warfare, often against the forces of Maldurant. It is a military city, where its army is also its government. The current ruler is Lord-General Armon Garand. The city is run very much like an army, with officers placed in government positions such as the Chief Agriculture Officer and the Chief Zoning Officer.


Willowmill is a small hamlet of humans.


Yulboria is a large city of halfling and gnomes.


Blackspike Forest

Blackspike Forest is notorious for being the home of the Blackspike Orcs. Oddly enough, these orcs are very nature-friendly, taking steps to not overcut or overhunt their forest. Nonetheless, they still maintain their orcish taste for violence, making regular attacks on caravans and raids against nearby cities.

Devil Snake Peaks

Dreadfang Swamp

This huge swamp has consume several cities in the past. Many half-sunken ruins can be found here. It has also been the home to several black dragons over the millenia. Its most recent tenant is the black wyrm Terraxator. The dragon will occasionally make raids against other cities or traveling caravans, but most often feasts on would-be adventurers seeking to explore the swamp's ruins.

Five-Star Mountains

The Five-Star Mountains are five mountain ranges that all meet up at one point, forming a star.

Frosthorn Mountains

These mountains are home to several tribes of frost giants. They often make raids on caravans and nearby towns. According

Glitterleaf Forest

Many fey creatures and centaurs live in this mysterious forest, where the leaves glitter in the moonlight. They are very mischievous and often play pranks of travelers. Despite the playful nature of most fey, sinister fey also live here. They often lure travelers to remain permanently with them as their playthings, charming them to forget their past, or hunting them down for sport. The playful fey and the sinister ones stay out of each other's way whenever they can.

Greenscale Woods

This forest is home to several green dragons, under the leadership of Verdanraxia. Numerous wyverns also leave here.

Greyfang Mountains

The Greyfang Mountains is a long chain that runs east to west, forming the northern border of Valendar and the Valkirk Republic. The red dragon Crimsoltharax rules these mountains, attended by her brood of offsprings. The Greyskull ogre tribe worships Crimsoltharax and serves him. Numerous chimeras make there homes in these mountains as well.

Hanali River

Hill of Fallen Giant

Nightsing Marsh

Navaraith Forest

Navaraith forest is a very old forest, and the largest one on the continent. It is situated in the middle of Valendar, and covers a third of the region. It is a very wild and active forest, filled with monsters, goblin and orcish tribes, but also human and elven communities. Its inhabitants are the reason that this forest has resisted the axes of woodcutters over the ages. Within its boundaries, it is a world of its own, filled with dangers and mysteries.

Necropolis of Saladorn

Saladorn was once a thriving human city with many riches. Many powerful mages studied there. Then, a thousand years ago, a band of necromancers unleashed a torrent of undead, destroying the city. Saladorn fell into ruin, and became known as the Necropolis of Saladorn. Undead of all types still wander its decrepit streets. Adventurers still dare to enter the city for a chance at some of Saladorn's fabled treasure. Few ever return alive.

Pyramid of Al-Taran

The Pyramid of Al-Taran is one of the strangest landmarks in Valendar. It is a perfectly shaped four-sided pyramid two miles high with a four square mile base and made of pure, solid adamantine. Its origins have been lost, and no one remembers when it was build or by who. All that is known is that it has stood for over ten millenia. It is named after the wizard Adum Al-Taran who studied the pyramid for decades. Much of the information is mixed gibberish with only a few clear bits of information. Al-Taran entered the pyramid one day and never came back. The tales of the few adventures to have ventured into the pyramid and returned alive reveal that although they all entered through the same entrance, the room they entered was different each time, a veritable ever-changing maze. People got out by chance, performing a service for one of the pyramid's denizens, or solving a puzzle. Death traps, laboratories, immense libraries and rooms full of horrible monsters are but a few chambers experienced. There are even stories of doorways leading to other planes or locations throughout the universe, and of rooms so large that they could not possibly fit the pyramid.

Redhorn Mountains

This mountain range has several active and dormant volcanoes. It is home of several red dragons and the orc and ogre tribes that pay tribute to them. They inhabit the ruins of two dwarven cities, Dol Caradôr and Citadel Ironthunder, lost over a thousand years ago. The riches of the dwarves and the horde of dragons often attract adventurers. Dwarves will also pay handsomely for heroes to liberate those ruins. Magmadar, a small city of fire giants, also make their home in these mountains. They are powerful enough for establish a truce with the neighboring dragons.

Ruins of Calimdor

Ruins of Citadel Roenar

Ruins of Fortress Daggerfall

Ruins of Lockhart

Ruins of Saharn Castle

Ruins of Summerbell

Silvermist Valley

Silverpeak Mountains

Several silver dragons make their home in these mountains. They are led by Argenthraxia. She is allies with the dwarves of Citadel Harador, who also make their home in these mountains.

Sunsong River

Wyvern Lake

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