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Tassimar Reach is a stretch of land named after the bandit king Tassimar. Tassimar had dreams and ambition beyond petty banditry, and in the year 4609 of the Age of Strife, he carved a territory out of the Norgrim Moors and Viridian Marches with his band. He conquered four towns, and founded two more during his reign as the Bandit King, each directly controlled by each of his lieutenants. Unfortunately for Tassimar, his new kingdom did not last past his death. His lieutenants or their successors fell into in-fighting over the throne. Civil war emerged, and in the aftermath, two towns were destroyed, and the kingdom was divided among the remainder. The land became known as Tassimar Reach, after its founder and his dreams.

Over time, other cities rose and fell, and other civil wars took place. There are currently eight towns or cities within the recognized territory of the Reach. Each are independant from one another, claiming territory as far as their militaries can claim. Despite their rivalries, the leaders of each city do form a regional council. The council serves only to uphold the pretense of civilization in the region, a token effort between the leaders to solve issues diplomatically, or a place for intrgue and backalley dealings. The only time the council has any significance is when outside forces threaten the status quo of the Reach.

Tassimar Reach is reputed to be controlled by bandits and thieves. This is somewhat of an exaggeration based on its past. While there are a large number of gangs or bands and participate in thievery or banditry, most governments and people of the Reach try to live as honestly as possible. What is true, however, is that they do not hesitate to use ruthless means to get their way. Life in Tassimar is rough and challenging, and its people have been raised to fight tooth and nail for everything they get.

As mentioned before, there are many gangs in Tassimar. Gang culture thrives in this land. Everyone is looking for someone to look out for them, so groups naturally come together to provide protection that governments are unable to provide. Many of the groups do devolve into bandit bands or criminal syndicates, but some do try to act with integrity and remain sincere in their desire to protect its members. Some gangs are allied to governments, and are often employed to do their dirty dealings without them being involved.



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