Holy Radimus Empire

The Holy Radimus Empire originally began as the smaller Kingdom of Aquine. Radimus was a knight of that declining kingdom, which was beset by orcs and barbarians from all sides. He successfully rallied his countrymen, and waged a successful campaign to secure his nation's borders and defeat their enemies. This campaign climzed to Radimus leading a company of holy warrios against a demonic horde summoned by the orcs as a last ditch offensive.

With the royal family no longer having any heir, Radimus took the throne at the behest of the previous king on his deathbed, much to the delight of his people. Radimus ruled wisely and justly, but was very wary of non-humans based on his experiences. Radimus' star rose even further as he continously defeated the machinations of the demon lord Xahexathon, whose captain Radimus slew in his campaign. A cult of personality soon formed around him, and when he passed on at the ripe old age of a hundred and fifty, this cult blossomed into a full-fledged religion.

Aquine had grown to unprecedent heights of culture and knowledge. With more and more of its leaders becoming worshippers of Radimus, the kingdom gradually became a theocracy, with Radimus as its state religion. In the year 2378 of the Age of Strife, the kingdom of Aquine ceased to be, and the Holy Radimus Empire took its place.

The Empire is dedicated to upholding and spreading the faith of Radimus. The tenets of the faith dictate a strong sense of justice and social advancement, but also that humanity is the chosen race to take up the mantle of leadership in this endeavour. Despite resistance and setbacks inthe past, the empire remains strong and maintains an expansionistic stance, although not always through force of arms. Expansion through cultural conversion is the preferred method. Non-humans are even welcomed to convert, although they still face prejudice from humans of higher station.

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