Kingdom of Hynaeria

One of the most powerful Hynar nations of Celesia, Hynaeria is the shining beacon of peaceful civilization. A young nation only 180 years old, the Kingdom of Hynaeria overcame every challenge it has ever faced, and grew in strength. With a culture considered enlightened by many others and still growing, Hynaeria is considered to be the closest to recapturing the glory of the noble Célestàr of the past.

The kingdom to Hynaeria is located within the northeastern region of Rhyn. Hynaeria is bordered by the savage land of Frostlund to the north, the Suldeinor Confederacy and the Republic of Valkirk to the west, the wild lands of Valendar to the south, and the Cometfall Sea to the east. Hynaeria is one of the largest nations in Rhyn.

Hynaeria is a rich and fertile kingdom, populated by many farms and capable of exporting a large amount of agriculture. Although once covered with trees that were then cut down, there are still three large forests that provide good amounts of timber game that are well-nurtured by forces of the crown. There is also a great lake called Amber Lake near the center of the kingdom, with a river that reaches out to the Cometstar Sea.


The region of Rhyn that would become the kingdom was already known as Hynaeria, named by the elves from the word Hynar, the Titanar word for 'humans'. The elves named it so for the large number of human tribes who lived here, and that most humans who settled throughout Rhyn came from this region.

The human tribes managed to survive and eventually became city-states over the millenia. Most cities were independent from each other, though a strong trade emerged among them. At times, petty wars occurred between cities, and other times, there was great peace.

Hynaeria as a kingdom came about when the human cities had provoked the neighboring elven realm, the Suldeinor Confederacy, to war. During this brutal war, a young man by the name of Abrihm Luskarn, a Knight-Protector of the city of Solaris, became the champion and leader of the human forces. His leadership, wisdom, and courage managed to create a strong alliance out of the once-independant human city-states, and convinced everyone to make him their High King after the war.

Since then, Hynaeria prospered, growing in population and progressing in arts and knowledge. However, its people were never able to shake the shadow of war. During the Xaos Conquest of 5134 AoS, Hynaeria was the only kingdom to stand against the Xoasian war machine, and rallied the remaining free nations of Rhyn into an alliance. It was also during this war that King Abrihm was killed. Thirty years after that war, Hynaeria was a major participant in the Tyrant's Return, nearly becoming destroyed by the forces of the Reborn God of Tyranny. However, despite all these battles and ones that followed, Hynaeria still remains strong, a testament of the will and courage of its people.


The Kingdom of Hynaeria is governed by a hereditary monarchy. The Luskarn family have held the crown since the kingdom's founding by Abrihm Luskarn, who became Hynaeria's first High King. Hynaeria's current ruler, High Queen Calendra Luskarn, is the 6th monarch of her line. Wise, caring, and beautiful, she is said to be even more loved than any of her predecessors and that many would gladly give up their lives for her.

The High Queen is assisted by the Royal Council. The Councils involves one chamberlain for each area of interest, such as defense, farming, and magic. The chamberlains are nominated by the rest of the council, and then selected by the High Monarch. In addition to the chamberlains, the Council also includes several important individuals, representatives to major powers involved in the kingdom, such as knightly orders, wizard guilds, and druidic circles.

Hynaeria is split into several duchies.



Eastmyr is Hynaeria's easternmost port, and a thriving metropolis in its own right.


Northwynd is a large city and Hynaeria's northmost port. The Kingdom's Northern Fleet is docked here, constantly fighting viking raiders and pirates.


Southcross is Hynaeria's southernmost metropolis, and named so as it is located at a crossroad between Valendar to the south, Valkirk to the west, and Suldeinor to the east.


Solaris is the capital city of the Kingdom. It is a thriving metropolis that serves as the main port for Solari's Bay.


Westgate is a large city and Hynaeria's westernmost gateway of travel between the kingdom and the realms to its west. This former outpost town grew swiftly thanks to the formation of the kingdom and the trade it established. It suffered greatly when it was under siege by the Xaos Invasion, but recovered admirably afterwards.

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