Region: Carpathos

League of Cyclopean City-States
Alignment: LE
Capital: Kentrokona.
Notable Settlements:
Ruler: Hegemonic Council.
Government: Confederation of sovereign city-states.

  • Common: El-Sathys, Karthamor, Noué, Zhao-Khan.
  • Uncommon: Kaï-den, Minué, Sevrash, Tiamat.


  • Common: cyclops (Carpathi)
  • Uncommon: minotaur (Minossan), troll (Gronbrosk), human (Venici)


  • Common: cyclops (Carpathi), minotaur (Minossi), human (Venici), troll (Gronbrosk)


Age of Horrors

  • The cyclops' Empire of Halakon is formed.
  • The Halakon Empire is destroyed with the arrival of the Cosmic Horrors.

Age of Starlight

  • The Venici Republic conquers the lands of Carpathos.

Age of Strife

  • After the fall of the Venici Empire, the lands of Carpathos regain their independence.
  • The cyclops city-states join Zhao-Khan's side during the Tyrant's World War.

Age of Reckoning

  • The Carpathi League is formed.


The Carpathi League is a confederation of city-states. Each city-state's ruler sits on the League's administrative body called the States' Assembly. However, executive power is held by the Hegemonic Council, a body of the five most powerful city-states in terms of economy, military strength, and political influence. The Council is led by a chairperson, who determines the council's agenda. The position of chairperson is rotated among each city-state on the Council once a year, with no ruler allowed to take the position until the other four has held the role once before them.

The Hegemonic Council oversees relations with foreign states on behalf of all Carpathi city-states. Another power the Council has is the execution of laws of the League, and the prosecution of their transgressors. The Council also holds emergency powers in times of war, such as the ability to directly command the military forces of other city-states.

In the case of an open seat on the Hegemonic Council, a city-state's ruler must be nominated by another member of the Council. The States' Assembly then votes on which candidate to take the seat on the Hegemonic Council.

The States' Assembly is where laws governing the whole League are proposed, discussed, and voted on. Each city-state has one vote, but the Assembly is broken into multiple political blocs, generally with ties to one of the rulers on the Hegemonic Council. Every five years, the Assembly also reviews the status of the power and influence of each city-state on the Hegemonic Council to see if they are still among the top five city-states by the League's standards.


The Carpathos League has strong military and economic relations with the region of Minossus.

Despite being ruled by the Venici in the past, as of 108 A6, the League and the Second Venicar Republic maintains strong trade relations with each other.

The League continues to engage in low-level hostilities with the Holy Radimus Empire.

The League's city-states often offer the services of their military forces as mercenaries for foreign powers. It is a service that generates a notable portion of their economy. As a result, legions of Carpathi soldiers can be found operating in further nations such as the Arsan Empire, the Lurindor Combine, the Kingdom of Rodaria, and the Valroy Republic.


Carpathi society strongly values both physical might and farsight mysticism. Much of their planning is based on the prophetic visions of their oracles.


Elsathysism and Nouém are prominent, but rivaling, faiths among the mystically-leaning people of Carpathos. El-Sathys is attractive to those seeking a better understanding of these mystic powers, while Noué attracts those seeking to use their powers to uncover secrets.

Zhaokhanism has secured a foothold in the region, both for its role in the Tyrant's World War, and for its strong martial ideals.

Similarly, Karthamorism is also popular in the region, especially due to the cyclopean innate strength and love of physical contests.


There are over 50 city-states as part of Carpathos. Each are small states on their own, filled with villages that exploit the land and funnel all of their production to a central metropolis.


A city-state purposefully build to be the ruling centre of the region. It is neutral ground amidst all city-states, and serves as the capital of the League.

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