Regions of Celesia

The world of Celesia was created to be the crowning jewel of the Creator Gods when they fashioned the universe. It is a fairly large world, with a circumference of over fifty thousand kilometers. Water covers a little over half the planet. There are nine continents, and five oceans. There are also many groupings of islands, some large enough to hold powerful nations.

World map of Celesia
World map of Celesia. Click image larger version.



  • Democratic nation ruled by a council of representatives where the people elect their leader for 10 years.
  • Nation of dinosaur-riding cowboys with an extensive firearms industry.
  • Steam punk human and dwarven nation that specialize in trains and airships.
  • Powerful sea-faring merchant arctic kingdom.
  • Vast region of plains inhabited by nomadic tribes.
  • The Demonscar.
  • Nation of dark fur legaren packs in the temperate area.
  • Former Cassimi colony Mexican
  • Former Khaliri colony
  • Former Sengolan colony Haitian/Jamaican
  • Alliance of light fur legaren packs in the arctic area.
  • Nation of kitai packs in the mountains.
  • Vast rocky desert area known for its mesas inhabited by gnolls, legaren, orcs, and goblins.
  • Rocky desert nation of hill dwarves who democratically elect their leader.
  • Forest kingdom of wild elves.
  • Article kingdom of snow elves.
  • Desert region of a blue dragon clan


  • Macozitlan—An orc kingdom of heart-eating Orcus worshipers.
  • Quetzaltec—A small human and sakkadi nation dedicated Shenlong where the rulers are advised by couatls.
  • Rhostwaranarth—Jungle kingdom of wild elves.
  • Tonahtican—A theocratic human kingdom dedicated to Kaï-den, renown for its grand pyramids.
  • Urcangarr—Southern kingdom of incan style mountain dwarves.
  • Vast rainforest region dotted with villages of many races and fantastic and deadly monsters.
  • Volcanic mountain kingdom of Inca style red dragon clan
  • Ancient rain forest kingdom of sserassin
  • rain forest demesne if a green dragon clan
  • nation of allied sakkadi tribes in the rain forest
  • Large Inca style empire that resisted Cassimi's attempt to conquer them.
  • Jungle kingdom of khitai
  • Jungle nation of vanara tribes
  • Kingdom of Zhao-Khan warriors that force other nations to become tributes
  • Empire ruled by a noble class of mummies known as the 'mallqui'


  • Aerdwyn—The humans of the Aerdwish Isles expanded deep into Asteropa to establish a powerful aristocracy. The Aerdwish Empire had since lost many of its former colonies, but still retains much power on the mainland, as well as its expansionist goals.
  • Arkonia—Realm of arcane magic.
  • Carpathos—The Carpathosi League is a loose alliance of cyclopean city-states.
  • Darsa—A human vassal state to the Aerdwish Empire.
  • Erland—A human vassal state to the Aerdwish Empire.
  • Frostlund—This region lies north of Hynaeria. It is a cold and harsh land of snow and tundra. Human an frost giant barbarian tribes roam the land of mammoths and sabertooth tigers. There are independent city states doting the land, many of them on the east coast. The barbarians often sail south to raid Hynaerian coasts and trade routes. White dragons and frost worms also prowl the land.
  • Garazhan—This nation was formed by a legendary hobgoblin general over a thousand years ago. It is now the primary nation for hobgoblins and other goblinkind. Extremely militaristic, it was once very expansionistic until its borders came up against the newly formed Xaos Dominion to its east. Xaos defeated Garazhan, but the mage-emperor found the hobgoblins to be excellent troops and made the nation the empire's client state. Garazhan's hobgoblin armies now serve as honoured fighting force for the Dominion.
  • Hynaeria—This human kingdom is on the east coast and just under 200 years old. It is ruled by a monarchy which supported a a collection of noble families. It is traditionally a feudal nation, formed by uniting the human cities and villages under the threat of the Suldeinor Confedracy.
  • Ilmer—Isolated kingdom of elves.
  • Issos—The Issosi League is a federation of pre-dominantly human city-states.
  • Istval
  • Krussivyk—Harsh northern land populated by witches and fairies.
  • Lehdan
  • Lurindor—This nation is ruled by a collection of merchant companies in a feudal manner. Composed of mostly humans and halflings, commerce is the cornerstone of their world. It lies on the western side of the Sea of Lurin.
  • Malbarek—Formerly a kingdom now annexed by the Xaos Dominion.
  • Minossus—The Minossi League is a loose alliance of minotaur city-states.
  • Morghendarr—This nation is the last dwarven empire on Asteropa, a survivor state dating back from the Age of Twilight. It is a collection of dwarven underground cities among seeral mountain ranges, and above ground villages that lie between them. It is located in the northern region of Asteropa, north of the Valkirk Republic.
  • Muldor
  • Norgrimm—This land is filled with moors, plains, and hills. It is home to numerous orc tribes that roam the land on worgs. Although the tribes sometimes clash with one another over land and resources, more often than not, they will gather and pour out to neighboring lands to raid them. Other, smaller tribes make their lives here, among them are goblins, kobolds, and some human tribes.
  • Pendrik—A human vassal state to the Aerdwish Empire.
  • Pravica—Once a powerful empire, the region is now broken into independent city-states with a rich culture of nomads and superstition.
  • Sorliss
  • Radimus—The Holy Radimus Empire was founded by the human god Radimus. It is ruled by his clergy and it is law that he is to be venerated above all other gods. The empire exults that humans are meant for great things, and that they stand above all other races. It treats other races as second class citizens, sometimes benignly to more civilized ones such as elves and dwarves, to outright genocide for goblins and orcs.
  • Rodaria
  • Sarkovia—A human principality with a dark and bloody history, with many horrific monsters laying wait in the night.
  • Tassimar—The Tassimar Reach is named after the bandit king Tassimar. He once conquered the entire region, but it broke apart upon his death as his lieutenants carved up him empire amongst themselves quite violently. Today, it is a collection of independent city-states ruled by the descendents of the original bandits, or ruled by new bandit gangs.
  • Valendar—The untamed lands.
  • Valroy—A human and halfling nation of unending revolution.
  • Venicar—The Venicar Republic is a human bastion of civilization corrupt with decadence, but boasting a powerful military.
  • Viridian Marches—A rich land that no nation has been able to hold.
  • Valkirk—A republic of city-states, mostly human, but including cities of elves, dwarves, and halflings.
  • Xaos—The Xaos Dominion is a human and malephelim empire bent on dominating the continent.
  • Xifangsaifu—Formerly a Xian colony, the Kingdom of Xifangsaifu has now become the gateway to Asteropa for people hailing from the eastern lands beyond the Xianluan ocean. Predominantly inhabited by humans, kitsune, tengu, vanara, and vishkanya.
  • Former Ashaki colony
  • Former Anzican colony Iroquois
  • Volcanic demesne of a red dragon clan.
  • Arctic demesne of a white dragon clan.
  • Marshland demesne of a black dragon clan.
  • Marsh region inhabited by alliance of sakkadi tribes
  • Arctic Inuktaq kingdom
  • Former Sengolan colony


  • Ashaki—The Ashaki Empire is a vast, decadent human state that subsist on slavery ruled by a God-Pharaoh.
  • Farhim—A kingdom ruled by a monarchy rich in aetherite. Its inhabitants are mostly human, but also include dwarves and kitai.
  • Free Ashaki Alliance—An alliance of mostly human city-states that broke free from the Ashaki Empire.
  • Qar-Kadaj—A mountainous region that denotes the border between Khaliram and Asteropa to the north. The remote, mountain tribes have suffered through centuries of warfare from attempted conquest by the Ashaki Empire from the south, and crusades from the Holy Radimus Empire to the north. These tribes include humans, dwarves, gnolls, and kitai.
  • Magical kingdom with deep alliances with genies.
  • Powerful sea-faring merchant kingdom.
  • Vast desert region dotted with oases inhabited by nomads, but extremely vital to overland trade.
  • Theocratic caliphate of Kaï-den
  • Former Xian colony
  • Former Sengolan colony



  • Kularampur—The Seven Kingdoms of Kularampur. Its inhabitants are mostly human, but also include vanara, vishkanya, and wayang.
  • Vast jungle region inhabited by tribes of humans, elves, kitai, vanara, vishkanya, wayang and filled with deadly and fantastical beasts.
  • Kingdom where a social caste system is strictly enforced.
  • Kingdom where the rakshasa rule over humans.
  • Kingdom of where vanara are the rulers, but allow other races to live alongside them.
  • Isolated kingdom of kitai.
  • Isolated kingdom of vishkanya.
  • Powerful trade nation in a key location for overland trade routes.
  • Nation of dwarf mystics
  • Naga empire.
  • Former Xian colony
  • Former Anzican colony
  • Marsh demesne of a black dragon clan
  • Vast swamp region inhabited by vanara, vishkanya, marsh giants, drazi
  • Jungle demesne of a green dragon clan
  • Ancient jungle kingdom of sserassin
  • Ancient Arctic kingdom of neraxin


  • Aerdwish Bengati—The recent human colonies established by the Aerdwish Empire.
  • Bengati—The Bengati Free-Cities.
  • Kingdom that extensively uses clockwork and steam powered mechanisms.
  • Powerful sea-faring merchant kingdom
  • Vast savanna region inhabited by tribes of many races filled with fantastical and deadly monsters.
  • Vast jungle region inhabited by tribes of many races filled with fantastical and deadly monsters.
  • Powerful empire with a deep reverence of the dead and the stars ruled by a pharaoh descended from the Sun God Kaï-den.
  • Nation of gnoll tribes
  • Jungle kingdom
  • Savanna kingdom
  • dwarf kingdom in the mountains
  • green dragon demesne in the jungle
  • red dragon demesne around an active volcano
  • Former Xian colony
  • Former Ramavti colony
  • Former Anzican colony incan



  • Nation where the state is absolute and there are no individual rights. Everything is provided by the state, but as the population grows, the nation must invade and expand to gather enough resources. Rulership is brutal in times of need.
  • Vast barren wasteland along the borders of the cybernetic empire where the remaining inhabitants are forced to wander or live in ramshackle settlements. The people freely integrate technology into themselves, or blend it with magic, all in order to combat the cybernetic empire.
  • Cybernetic empire where an AI god rules and has determined that all organic life must be controlled or purge.
  • Nation that is absolutely anti-technology because of the cybernetic empire. All technology and advancement is banned upon the pain of death, and magic/ki/psionics rule.
  • Vast empire where the inner kingdoms are ruled by humans each bonded to a dragon. While the human ruler oversees the daily life of the kingdom's inhabitants, the dragons use them to play out their intrigues against other dragons, an agreement made to prevent another extinction-level dragon war. Lots of bureaucracy, intrigue, plots.
  • Vast region of steppes inhabited by numerous tribes of horsemen.
  • Empire rule by a cruel god-emperor.
  • Empire where the oni rule over mortals.
  • Nation of alliance of shogunates with a figurehead emperor.
  • Kingdom of dwarven samurai.
  • Forest kingdom of elven ninja mages.
  • Frozen wasteland inhabited by frost giants with many dwarven and giant ruins.
  • Economical powerful sea-faring empire.
  • Kingdom of vanara who build pyramids in the deep swamp jungles.
  • Kingdom of ninja kitai.
  • Frozen dwarven kingdom.
  • Mountain nation of tengu tribes.
  • Kingdom of hobgoblin samurai.
  • Kingdom ruled by Magelords.
  • Great forest of Kami.
  • Large desert region filled with nomads and bandits.
  • Nation of kitsune tribes.
  • Generic korean kingdom
  • Generic Thailand kingdom
  • Generic Vietnam kingdom
  • Generic chinese kingdom
  • Generic Japanese kingdom
  • Former Aerdwyn colony
  • Small nation of androids that broke away from the machine empire that desire isolation and to have no contact with organics.
  • Small nation of androids that escaped the machine empire that seek peaceful coexistence with organics. They work along side the descendants of their creators that they saw d from annihilation by the god machine.
  • Desert kingdom of a blue dragon clan


Dhanastri Ocean

Mahideen Ocean

Shenlei Ocean

Xianluan Ocean

  • Coraithess—The most powerful and oldest elven kingdom of the world still standing, made up of one large island and surrounding smaller ones that were once part of the main continent.
  • The Snarling Sea—A collection of islands that were once Xian colonies, but are now havens for pirates.
  • Xianluan Confederacy—A union of nations that were once the southern colonies of the ancient Xian empire. The Confederacy experienced a brutal civil war when it attempted to implement the Reformation Act upon its member states.

Zucatec Ocean

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