The Urokhan are known as orcs in the common tongue. They are a race of powerfully built humanoids with wolf and boar features with thick, leathery skin. Their bestial instincts are strong, but they are rational enough to form a true society. They enjoy letting free their inner beast, which has often led to conflicts with more peaceful neighbors. The concept of honour is important to them, because they would otherwise destroy themselves. They view it as their means to be more than just wild animals, but like all thinking people, not everyone adheres to it, or interprets it the same way.

Orcs have a very active metabolism, and they need to release that energy constantly. The longer they stay at rest, the more irritated and impatient orcs get. Unfortunately for other races, orcs find violence the easiest way to release their urges. Their high metabolism also allows orcs to reproduce rapidly in high numbers. Because of their constantly growing numbers, orcs require a large amount of resources. This forces them to constantly push and expand their territories, leading them into conflict with other races.

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It would be a mistake to consider the Urokhan as simple, savage beasts. They have a strong violent urges, but they are able to reason and develop culturally. Although they value strength above all, they understand the need and value of less violent practices. Engineering, architecture, crafting, and medicine are not neglected, and are actively pursued by wiser orcs who must be inventive to do much with the few resources they have. Although much of their knowledge is geared toward their aggressive ambitions, orcs also desire comfort and safety, and they do not ignore the potential applications in those areas.

Other races consider orcs to have no sense of art, but this is not true. What may appear crude and primitive to others actually appeals to orcish aesthetics. Orcs have their own style in the look of their weapons and armour, with the aim to blend style with brutal practicality. Tattoos and body paint not only serve as markings of identification, but also of self-expression. Songs are important to orcs, from bawdy drinking songs to sagas of their history and past battles. Orcs generally prefer percussion and horn instruments, and have their own style of dancing.

Women are valued among the orcs, but are considered to have very specific roles, that of child-bearer and homemaker. Breaking out of those roles is generally frowned upon. However, female orcs who do so, and prove themselves successful over their male counterparts are highly honoured and respected. Monogamy is uncommon, with men usually taking many wives. However, an orc's place in his tribal hierarchy both determines and is determined by the number of wives he has. For a woman orc who rises past her race's prejudice, the reverse is also true: she may have the pick of the litter among male orcs.

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