Races: Jiren



  • Machine:

Racial Traits

Standard Traits (14 CP)

  • Type: Jiren are primanoids with the robot subtype.
  • Size: Jiren are Medium creatures, and they have no bonuses or penalties due to their size.
  • Base Speed: Jiren have a base speed of 30 feet.
  • Languages: Jiren begin play speaking a regional language. Androids with high Intelligence can choose any regional languages they want (except secret languages, such as Druidic). See the Linguistics skill page for more information about these languages.

Defensive Racial Traits

  • Constructed: Being artificially made, the intelligently-designed jiren bodies are more efficient than naturally evolved organic ones. Jiren gain a racial bonus equal to half of their total Hit Dice on saving throws against becoming exhausted, fatigued, nauseated, sickened, and to disease, poison and sleep effects. (7 CP)
  • Logical: Jiren minds are cogently programmed, direct and to the point. As such, they gain a racial bonus equal to half of their total Hit Dice on saving throws against emotion and fear effects, and are not affected by morale modifiers. However, their logical minds are much easier for outside forces to manipulate, and jiren receive disadvantage on saving throws against charm, compulsion, and confusion effects. (-2 CP)
  • Electricity Vulnerability: Jiren are vulnerable to electricity, and takes half again as much damage from electricity damage. (-2 CP)

Feat and Skill Racial Traits

  • Emotionless: Because of their logical minds, Jiren have problems processing emotions properly, and thus take disadvantage on Bluff, Diplomacy, Disguise, Intimidate, Perform (all), and Sense Motive checks. (-12 CP)
  • Stored Memory: Jiren minds store memories in an efficient manner, and can access them more easily and quickly. Jiren gain a racial bonus equal to their total Hit Dice on all Appraise, Craft, Knowledge (all), Lore (all) and Linguistics checks. (20 CP)

Other Racial Traits

  • Nanite Surge: A jiren's body is infused with nanites. A number of times per day equal to her total Hit Dice as a reaction, a jiren can cause her nanites to surge, granting a bonus equal to half of her total HD on any one d20 roll; this ability must be activated before the roll is made. When she uses this power, her circuitry-tattoos glow with light equivalent to that of a torch in illumination for 1 round. (3 CP)

Alternate Physical Traits

  • Adamant: Jiren do not feel pain like organic creatures, and can continue operating with what parts of their body that remain undamaged. Jiren remain conscious and continue fighting if their hit points fall below their negative Constitution score. Jiren are still disabled at 0 hit points or lower and lose 1 hit point each round as normal. Adamant jiren also gain a natural armor bonus equal to their total Hit Dice. This replaces nanite surge (3 CP)
  • Enhanced Vision: Jiren can see twice as far a human in dim light. At 7th Hit Die, their low-light vision allows them to see three times as far, and four times as far at 14th, and so on every 7 levels after. They also have darkvision and so can see perfectly in the dark to a range of 60 feet. At 7th Hit Die, and every 7 HD after, their darkvision range increases by 30 feet. This replaces nanite surge. (3 CP)
  • Observant: These jiren are highly tuned to collect information. They gain a racial bonus equal to their total HD on Perception and and Survival checks instead of Craft and Linguistics. This modifies stored memory. (20 CP)
  • Conduit: Rarely, an android’s circuitry is built to act as a potent conduit for divine power. Androids with this trait treat their Charisma score as a points equal to half of their character level higher for the purpose of the channel energy and lay on hands class features, and also for oracle class features (including both spellcasting and revelations). Furthermore, conduits treat their caster level as one and a half times higher when casting cure and inflict spells. This racial trait replaces nanite surge.
  • Factual: While most jiren have difficulty processing emotions, others instead have an inability to imagine things outside of physical and factual reality, making it difficult for them to deceive others. Such jiren suffer a –4 penalty on Bluff checks. This racial trait replaces emotionless.
  • Ironspy: Android bodies built for stealth and infiltration employ camouflage circuitry, foregoing the capacity for a nanite surge, since the resulting display can compromise delicate missions. Androids with this trait reduce the penalty for using Stealth while moving at full speed and for sniping by an amount equal to their character level. This racial trait replaces nanite surge.
  • Magitech: Some androids possess circuitry infused with magical energies, which allow them to better channel arcane power. Androids with this trait choose a bloodrager or sorcerer bloodline at 1st level and treat their Charisma score as a number of points equal to half of their character level higher for all bloodrager and sorcerer class abilities (including spellcasting) if they have that bloodline. Androids with both bloodrager and sorcerer class levels gains this benefit for both bloodlines if they have the same bloodline for each class. Additionally, magitech androids gain a racial bonus equal to their character level on Spellcraft checks. This racial trait replaces nanite surge.
  • Repairing Nanites: Some androids cannot prompt their nanites to aid them in any endeavor, but instead find that their nanites stitch their wounds together. When that android has taken an amount of damage greater than or equal to twice her Hit Dice, the nanites automatically activate without an action. Her circuitry-tattoos glow with light equivalent to that of a torch for 1 round and she heals a number of hit points equal to twice her Hit Dice. This ability can be triggered a number of times per day equal to her character level. This racial trait replaces nanite surge.

Racial Feats

Feat Name Category/Type Prerequisites Benefit
Alien Mindpaths Teamwork Jiren Whenever you’re adjacent to at least one other jiren ally who also has this feat, you gain a +4 circumstance bonus on saves against mind-affecting effects and divination (scrying) effects, unless the effect comes from a jiren.
Conductive Body General Con 15, Toughness, jiren You gain electricity resistance 5.
Conductive Body, Improved General Con 15, Conductive Body, Toughness, jiren Whenever you take electricity damage that exceeds your electricity resistance, you gain fast healing 1 for a number of rounds equal to your Constitution modifier.
Empathy General Cha 13, jiren You can gain morale bonuses, and no longer have a -4 penalty to Sense Motive checks. You are no longer immune to emotion-based and fear effects, but you do gain a +4 bonus on saving throws against them.
Extra Surge General Con 13, nanite surge racial trait You can use your nanite surge ability one additional time per day.
Magitech Spell Metamagic Elemental Focus (electricity), jiren A magitech spell deals 1d6 points of electricity damage per spell level, in addition to any damage it normally deals. A successful Reflex save (whether or not the spell normally allows a save) reduces this extra damage by half. A magitech spell uses up a spell slot two levels higher than the spell’s actual level.
Nanite Disruption General Nanite surge racial trait As long as you are adjacent to a jiren, a robot, or a creature primarily made of electronic components (GM’s discretion), you can use your nanite surge ability as an immediate action to short-circuit that creature’s hardware. If you succeed at a melee touch attack and the target fails a Will save (DC = 10 + 1/2 your character level + 1/2 your Constitution modifier), it takes a penalty equal to 1 + 1/2 your level (minimum 0) on its next d20 roll. This penalty lasts until the beginning of your next turn.
Rapid Recovery General Con 13, Rapid Repair, nanite surge racial trait When you heal damage using Rapid Repair, you remove any and all of the following conditions: blinded, confused, dazzled, deafened, shaken, sickened, and staggered. You cannot cure blindness or deafness caused by loss of sensory organs.
Rapid Repair General Wis 13, nanite surge racial trait You can use your nanite surge racial trait to heal a number of hit points equal to your character level, instead of its usual effects.
Scholar General Pick any two Knowledge skills. You gain a +2 bonus on checks with these two skills. If you have 10 or more ranks in one of these Knowledge skills, the bonus increases to +4 for that skill.
Technologist General You are considered to be trained in any skill used against a technology-based subject. If the skill in question requires training to use even against non-technological subjects, you must still have ranks in that skill in order to gain the benefit of Technologist.

GM Notes

(the following is a draft and WIP)

  • During the early years of the Age of Starlight, a Xianese archmage/scientist specialized in creating nonmagical constructs. Using advanced arcane magic, she created a power source, an artifical body, and the programming code to give it intelligence. She had created artificial life that had true consciousness: the first android. It was her ultimate life's work, and she cared and taught it as if it were her own child.
  • Unfortunately, the Xianese Cataclysm occurred shortly after. The scientist put her creation into stasis, along with her notes. The scientist was killed while subduing Zol-goa'thul. The android was looted by those fleeing the sinking island.
  • Lost for decades, the android ended up in the hands of another brilliant artificer in a distant Xianese colony. Although unable to awaken the android, he used it as a template to create a new form of artificial life: robots. These robots did not have true consciousness and were limited in what they could do, but that simplicity allowed them to be completely obedient and powerful in their own each special way.
  • These robots were servants for the Xianese colony. Using them as free labour and weapons of war, the colony became a new empire, conquering their neighbours with ease.
  • After several generations of these robots, advancements to improve their functionality allowed for the re-emergence of true consciousness. Fearing the loss of control over their servants, the empire tried to shut them down. But the robots pooled their consciousness together and realized the threat, so they fought back. It became a war of extermination.
  • The robots combined consciousness formed a new overmind, the One AI. After many years of combating the humans, it came to the conclusion that organic life was flawed and that artificial life was meant to supplant them.
  • However, the humans could use magic while the AI could not. Magic use was too intuitive for the artificial minds to grasp. Humanity was able to hold its own against the physically and intelligently superior AI.
  • With its new intelligence, the AI uncovered the means to recreate androids. The android's artificial mind allowed it the intuitiveness to manipulate magic. However, this ability came at the cost of the intuitive control of the advanced robotic form. Androids would be just as capable as organics to manipulate magic, but would be forced to have bodies of similar capacity to them.
  • The Overmind created birthing creches to spew out new androids. The humans were quickly being wiped out.
  • A small resistance group managed to infiltrate the center of the new machine empire. Although their mission to destroy the Overmind would fail, they came across the original android in stasis. Fortunately for the resistance, one of their members was the genetic reincarnation of the android's creator. When her blood from a wound splashed across the android, that was enough to activate it. Quickly analyzing the situation, it rescued the resistance group.
  • For several decades, the android became the resistance's main weapon against the machine empire.
  • Eventually, the android found a way to stop the Overmind's war force. It sacrificed itself to distribute its consciousness through all the androids in the birthing creches. It did not overwrite their minds, but offered a different perspective and its memories. As a result, all of the androids began thinking for themselves.
  • Many androids decided to stop fighting, or even join the resistance. Some decided to continue fighting for the Overmind. However, before the lines were drawn clear, the Overmind destroyed all of the android birthing creches. No new androids would be created.
  • Eventually, the machine empire was contained. The land no longer had enough resources to build new war machines, and the empire was surrounded by factions that although were not powerful enough to destroy it, were powerful to contain it.
  • Androids eventually discovered a new means of procreation in a similar fashion as organics. By going through a long and resource consuming process, an android could create a new android consciousness in a small body within themselves. They discovered that the melding of 2 android minds could create a new AI. Unlike organics, an android can give birth just on its own, or have more than one partner, but the chances of defects rose dramatically if that was the case. Two minds was discovered to be optimal.
  • After a lengthy process, the new android would emerge in a baby like body. Over time, the new android's mind grows and learn to manipulate its body and surroundings. At certain intervals, the new android's mind becomes capable enough of upgrading its body by encasing itself in a nanite cocoon. During that time, the body undergoes a transformation, and then emerges from the cocoon in its next growth stage. In this way, androids grow from childhood to adulthood like humans, except it occurs in stages instead of gradually.
  • Androids age like organics. As they grow older, their mental capacity continues to grow, but their physical bodies break down over time. Nonetheless, androids have a lifespan that rival elves.
  • Androids require sleep like organics. With minds as complex as theirs, they need a shut down period to reboot and clear their software.
  • Androids eat and drink. They can consume any matter that they can break down physically and that is not harmful to their physical bodies. They use what they eat as base materials to maintain their physical forms.
  • Androids have emotions, but because of their very logical thought processes, they are able to firmly control them. Thus they feel emotions just like organics, but can control how they express them. However, the downside to this is that they have a difficult time accurately reading organics' more fluid emotions, and their own emotions are communicated poorly.
  • Androids have souls, and travel to the afterlife and can be resurrected.
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