One of the oldest, most widespread, yet also most enigmatic, races of Celesia would be the Hynar, commonly called humans. Humans have existed practically since the creation of the world, yet it took them several Ages to attain any sort of power, being at the mercy of more powerful races. The key to their continued survival, and subsequent rise to power, is their ability to grow, adapt, and innovate.

The Hynar finally came to power at the end of the Age of Stars, marking the beginning of the Age of Kings. Human nations rose up with the power of the elves and dwarves broken. They had done so before, during those times when the power of greater races waxed and waned. However, what nations they mustered were primitive, and were quickly swept up by the power of another race. This time, however, the Hynar had learned of their past, and formed kingdoms and nations that were firmly united and organized, capable of resisting invaders and growing stronger.

During the Great Undying War, the full potential of the Hynar was revealed. Great men and women of indomitable spirit, integrity, wisdom, and strength, rose from the masses, blessed by Kaï-den and Illia, and brought victory over the Undying Legion and lead their people into a golden age. During that time, ideals such as peace, freedom, and justice prevailed, nations made strong alliances and friendships, and all were prosperous. Relations with other races improved, and soon elves, dwarves, and many other races became friends, and the Hynar led the example. The great and wise leaders of the Hynar, such as kings, scholars, and all those who displayed that great inner strength and wisdom, were eventually christened Célestar, the People of Light, and their descendants inherited the same blessings that they carried.

The time of the Célestar had long since passed, and their blood, as well as their ideals and strength, dwindled away over the following generations. The Hynar had reverted to their petty ways, with greed and laziness running rampant throughout the race.

Yet hope remains that not all of the Célestar has been lost in its people. Some nations, such as the Kingdom of Hynaeria, and many individuals still keep in their hearts the ideals and honor of their great forebearers. It is in these Heirs of the Célestar does hope exist for the human race.


Hynar society is surprisingly very diverse, compared to other races. Instead of having a racial attitude common throughout the entire race, attitudes vary from individual to individual. Humans can be counted among the most saintly of beings, and among the most vile villains. This variety of mindsets have caused the other races to wonder how exactly to approach this young, yet old, people. Some humans can be counted as one's strongest allies, while others are their most dire enemy.

The Hynar can be found all over Celesia. However, their cultures vary immensely from region to region, caused by religion or their environment. Values and morals can be found in a wide variety, and one is never completely sure if one action is acceptable in this society or another. Many times these differences have led to war, with a group of humans unable to cope with the ideas of another group of humans.

The humans short life-span also befuddles older, more long-living, races. Humans are often forgetful or dismissive of history if it happened more than a hundred years ago. This has led them to clash with more older tradition and ideals. However, this has also allowed to be able to take a new approach of doing things, leading to innovation. Their short life-span has given them a drive to be able to accomplish all that they can in their short life. They learn and change much faster than any other race. This is why the Hynar have accomplished so much in so short time, lending credence to fears that the Hynar may truly be the last race to hold power over the world.


Physically, the Hynar are, to put it plainly, average. They are bulkier than the Fey'Anthyr, but slimmer than the Gorshak. They are slightly taller than the Fey'Anthyr, yet, once more, slightly shorter than the Gorshak. Although most their body grows hair, it is usually shaven except for the top of the head, and sometimes the lower half of the face. Although their are no subraces among the Hynar, their ability to live in different environments and breed with different races have led to slight changes in some physical details.

The result is that humans have hair and eyes of all sorts of color. Skin color ranges from pale pink to dark brown. This has given the human race a wide variety of physical appearance, although each different ethnicity remains identifiable as Hynar. Sadly, in more barbaric times of these physical differences, combined with different cultures, have led to war.

Racial Traits

Human characters have all off the human traits given in Chapter 2 of the Player's Handbook.


  • Ashaki: inhabit the northern deserts and plains of Khaliram.
  • Atiyoté: inhabit the jungles of the southern region of Anzica.
  • Bwatani: inhabit the jungles of Sengola.
  • Cassimian: inhabit the coastal region of the Cassimi Sea within Asteropa.
  • Chitucampa: inhabit the desert regions of Anzica.
  • Dharwali: inhabit the mountain regions of Anzica.
  • Gharobi: inhabit the desert regions of Sengola.
  • Inuktaq: inhabit the arctic regions of Asteropa, Zhoulong, and Inuktavit.
  • Jangali: inhabit the jungle regions of Ramvata.
  • Khaliri: inhabit the southern deserts and plains of Khaliram.
  • Kuroqchek: inhabit the northern forests and plains of Anzica.
  • Kutai: inhabit the eastern coastal regions and islands of Zhoulong.
  • Laotai: inhabit the southern coastal region of Zhoulong and the norther coast of Ramvata.
  • Menghali: inhabit the northern steppes and plains of Zhoulong.
  • Nassiri: inhabit the northern and western coasts of Khaliram.
  • Pravic: inhabit the northwestern lands of Asteropa.
  • Prydwyn: inhabit the eastern lands of Asteropa.
  • Ramvati: inhabit the plains of Ramvata.
  • Sengoli: inhabit the plains of Sengola.
  • Seongjin: inhabit the western coast and islands of Zhoulong.
  • Svenic: inhabit the northern region of Asteropa.
  • Wakani: inhabit the central plains of Anzica.
  • Xian: inhabit the central plains and western coast of Zhoulong
  • Yunkhim: inhabit the mountains of Zhoulong.
  • Venici: inhabit the southern regions of Asteropa.
  • Zhoulai: inhabit the deserts of Zhoulong.
  • Zupactec: inhabit the southern regions of Anzica.

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