"Aelfkyn" is a fairly recent name for a race stuck between two worlds: half-elves. Often viewed with suspicion, pity, or outright hate, half-elves have had a difficult existence between the worlds of humans and of elves. Aelfkyn are often the victims of the tensions between these two races. Yet after the end of the Age of Starlight, half-elves as a race, tired of getting the short end of the stick for so long, have emerged with a new identity, calling themselves "Aelfkyn". While each half-elf is just as individualistic as humans are (perhaps moreso), they have one thing in common: they are their own people, and no longer will they suffer because of the worlds of elves and humans.

In the beginning, most half-elves were the result of rape, usually by humans. Thus, they were looked down upon by elves, and victims of ridicule by humans. Over the millenia, however, more and more parents of half-elves conceived them out of love, albeit such couplings often end in tragedy. Elves live at least ten times longer than humans, and while half-elves are a lasting legacy of that love, even they would die before their elven parent. However, some half-elves come from truly happy families where both parents are half-elves.

Normally, it is rare that a union between two member of different races can produce an offspring (barring highly magical beings, such as dragons and outsiders). Even if an offspring if born, such a being would be unable to have children. However, for whatever reason, the gods have allowed half-elves (and half-orcs) to be born quite commonly, and able to bear children like any other race. Additionally, when a half-elf couples with an elf or a human, the offspring will be a true member of the non-Aelfkyn parent's race (i.e. a union between an Aelfkyn and an elf will produce elven children, and a union with a human will produce human children). However, even such offspring are considered fully of one race, they may carry over characteristics from the other race, such as humans with silver hair or golden eyes, or elves with human temperment. Also, there may be some stigma attached to them that they will never truly be part of that race. This is more apparent in elven societies than human societies.


The attitudes of half-elves vary greatly, and depend on where they were raised. Aelfkyn raised by elves will think and act as en elf. One raised by humans will think and act like humans. Half-elves are viewed with a wide range of feelings. In elven societies, they are sometime viewed with suspicion, mockingness, or even outright hate, but most often, they are pitied. They are pitied for Aelfkyn have that special connection that elves have, but they will never trully know the full extent of the pleasure of being an elf. However, half-elves who proved themselves are often selected as ambassadors to human realms, their mixture of elven and human sensibilities make them an ideal link between both races. Aelfkyn in human lands are perhaps viewed with more suspicion because of their otherworldness and the natural human fear of what is different. Mostly, though, they are viewed with curiosity, perhaps some amusement. However, to humans, once a person proves themselves worthy, they could become good friends and companions, regardless of race. Aelfkyn have no inbred inclination to a particular philosophy, a trait they get from their human side. Depending on how they grew up and were taught, half-elves can become great heroes, vile villains, or just your average commoner. Aelfkyn often have a personality with a lot of quirks, in fact, quite a few half-elves can be considered insane. It is often believed that the mixture of human and elven blood is the cause of this.

Despite all the suffering and persecution they go through, Aelfkyn seemed to have found their place in the world. Considering themselves blessed by the gods and able to procreate their race like any other, Aelfkyn are truly a people of their own.


Aelfkyn, like their human cousins, wildly vary looks. Depending on their human ancestry, their skin color can range from dark to pale, with a hint of color from their elven side. Eye color can be any color, but is usually related to their elven parent.

Racial Traits

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