The gorkyn, more commonly known as goblins, are a race of short humanoids with a mix of fey and wolf features. They are an aggressive people; whether this is due to being constantly bullied by other races or their innate nature is up for debate. Regardless of the origin of their foul temper, they are a people who will resort to anything to survive.

Goblins have a very fast metabolism, requiring them to consume many times the amount of food compared to other races their side. They also reproduce in large numbers at a fast rate. This metabolism is one of the main reasons that drive goblins to constantly deplete an area of its resources and then move on to the next. This leads goblins to constantly invade their neighbours. These wars helped cement the enmity between goblins and other races.

Because they are in a near-constant state of running out of supplies, goblins have learned to be very frugal with their resources. They abhor wasting, and are very creative in not letting anything go to waste, and reusing what would otherwise be wasted. Smarter and wiser goblins also take action to ensure local resources can regrow. However, over time, this frugality has made goblins very selfish.

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The zur-gorkyn, commonly known as psi-goblins, are a blue-skinned subrace of goblinkind. Smarter than other goblins, they are known for their natural psionic abilities.

Racial Traits

As detailed for Blues in Psionics Unleashed except:

  • Replace Repletion (Su) with
    • Repletion: Zur-gorkyns receive Psionic Repletion as a bonus feat at 1st level.

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