The Udug-xul are the nightmares of abominations. Ancient even among immortals, udug-xul were the first intelligent beings spawned by the primordial chaos and evil of the Abyss when the outer plane formed. With minds consumed by madness, they thrived on destruction and the feeding of other intelligent beings. It is believed that they represent the will of the Abyss itself.

Legends say that the first souls to fall to the Abyss were consumed by the udug-xul, and from their waste emerged the first demons. Of course, demons take great offense at implications of being the excrement of another. In any case, one the udug-xul had a taste of souls, they craved it even more. They poured out of the Abyss, and ransacked all of creation before being fought back by the Celestial Host and the Great Titans. While this war raged, within the Abyss another conflict was brewing.

The demons sought to become the dominant force of the Abyss. The first demon lords emerged and led their horde against the udug-xul. It is unknown how long the conflict lasted, but at the end, the udug-xul were all but exterminated. Those that survived crawled into the deepest and darkest depths of the abyss, while a few other metamorphosed into something greater to join the ranks of demonkind.

Although beaten, the threat of the udug-xul remains constant, both for the demons and mortal kind. They have learned to hide themselves and strike when they can. Although not as often as before, a newly spawned udug-xul crawls out of the depths of the Abyss, already powerful and always for a specific purpose.

Dagon: Udug lord of the sea.

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