• Titanwood: These trees are ancient and enormous. On average, they reach a height of 300 feet and a diameter of 40 feet. They are evergreen trees, and are known to live over thousands of years. Their bark itself is one feet long, and their green leaves, shaped like a long, webbed hand, grow to about a foot long. Their branches grow long and curvy, with a diameter ranging from 2 to 6 feet. The tree's sap is sweet and nutritious. They grow large, edible chestnuts about a foot in diameter. These trees are often used as homes by elves. They are able to excavate the interior of the tree, with the exception of the center with a diameter of 2 feet and 2 feet of "walls" (including the bark). The interior is treated and the tree continues to live.
  • Bluehulk: Bluehulks are giant mushrooms with a blue cap and white body. They reach a height of 4 or 5 feet, with a diameter of 3 feet. They grow underground as long as there is plenty of moisture, soil, and nutrients. They are edible, and one of the main sources of food in the Underdark. They have some medicinal properties, can be turned into flour, and can be brewed into ale.
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