Cosmology of the Multiverse

Prime Material Plane

The universe of mortals, where the planet Celesia resides.

Inner Planes

The Elemental Planes

  • Elemental Plane of Air:
  • Elemental Plane of Earth:
  • Elemental Plane of Fire:
  • Elemental Plane of Water:

The Energy Planes

  • Negative Energy Plane:
  • Positive Energy Plane:

Outer Planes

Celestial Heavens Svarga Elysium Beastlands Mag Mell
T'ien Asgard
Arcadia Nirvana Limbo
Acheron Pandemonium
Nine Hells Tarterus Gehenna Duzahk Abyss
  • Abyss: the infinite pit of chaotic destruction and malice.
  • Acheron: the infernal battlefield of conflict and strife.
  • Arcadia: the realm of great peace.
  • Asgard: the realm of heroic challenges and combat.
  • Beastlands: the untamed land of joyful wilderness.
  • Celestial Heavens: the ultimate paradise of goodness and perfection.
  • Duzahk: the deep infinite pit of torture and calamities.
  • Elysium: the land of hope and happiness.
  • Gehenna: the cesspit of all evil refuse.
  • Limbo: the ever-swirling plane of chaos.
  • Mag Mell: the world of delights, music, and eternal youth.
  • Nine Hells: the tyrannical domain of oppression and greed.
  • Nirvana: the home to perfect order between balances.
  • Pandemonium: the ever-howling darkness of despair and madness.
  • Svarga: the resting paradise of the righteous.
  • T'ien: the realm of truth and morality.
  • Tarterus: the cruelest prison in the multiverse.

Transitive Planes

  • Astral Plane:
  • Ethereal Plane:
  • Shadow Plane
  • Faerie: the otherworld of the fey.
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