Cosmology of the Multiverse

Midrealm, the Prime Material

Axis of Solidity. Midrealm is the realm where mortals reside. It is the most cosmologically stable of all the planes, and serves as the base planar axis in conjunction with the Eternity Tree from which the multiverse expands upon.

Transitive Planes

Astral Plane

Ethereal Plane

Shadow Plane


The otherworld of the fey.

Inner Planes

The Elemental Planes

  • Elemental Plane of Air:
  • Elemental Plane of Earth:
  • Elemental Plane of Fire:
  • Elemental Plane of Water:

The Energy Planes

  • Negative Energy Plane:
  • Positive Energy Plane:

Outer Planes

Exalted Throne
Tranquility's Rest
Blessed Garden
Primal Heart
Ever Bloom
Serenity Harbour
^ Good ^ Valour Fields
Reaper's Hall
< Lawful < Eternity Tree
> Chaotic > Shatter Kiln
Grey Wastes
v Evil v Jade Nethers
Fury's Fastness
Immaculate Labyrinths
Gilded Depths
Grapsing Pits
Bounty's Maw

The Seven Heavens: Virtuous Paradises

  • Blessed Garden—Heaven of Charity. Selfless souls are rewarded for their generosity and sacrifice with having every want and need in this paradise.
  • Ever Bloom—Heaven of Patience. The merciful and forgiving who walked their own path find themselves residing in this paradise of eternal youth and whimsy.
  • Exalted Throne—Heaven of Temperance. The wise and disciplined are given their just rewards in this magnificent kingdom.
  • Primal Heart—Heaven of Humility. Those who recognize the grandeur of nature, and their place within it, reside here in harmony with untamed flora and fauna.
  • Serenity Harbour—Heaven of Honesty. The fair and the just are rewarded in kind in this paradise where there is no need for shame or falsehood, and one's self is unconditionally accepted by all..
  • Tranquility's Rest—Heaven of Kindness. The compassionate reside here in peace, where every want is satisfied.
  • Valour Fields—Heaven of Diligence. The brave and the bold reside here, forever challenging themselves in order to perfect themselves.

The Twin Purgatories

  • Reaper's Hall—Purgatory of Judgment. The dead must first make their way here to be judged fairly without bias.
  • Shatter Kiln—Purgatory of Change. Souls seeking escape can lose themselves to the endless maelstrom of creation and destruction, and re-emerge as something new.

The Seven Hells: Wicked Perditions

  • Bounty's Maw—Hell of Gluttony. The souls and savage demons that reside in this realm are locked in an endless cycle of devouring and being devoured, yet never able to satiate their hunger.
  • Fury's Fastness—Hell of Wrath. This Hell is an infinite fortress of brutal discipline and punishment. The souls and devils here are conscripting into merciless armies, force to battle each other within the Fastness' halls.
  • Grasping Pits—Hell of Envy.
  • Grey Wastes—Hell of Sloth. A vast plain of muted colours and despair, where the air saps the will to take action from all who enter.
  • Gilded Depths—Hell of Greed. A bottomless pit of gold and other precious metals and gems that draws in avaricious souls into its depths.
  • Immaculate Labyrinths—Hell of Pride. This unending sprawling maze of halls of this Hell appear to be of the finest quality of marble and gilding, but only serve to mask the rotted nature within them.
  • Jade Nethers—Hell of Lust.

The Cosmic Fulcrum

Eternity Tree—Axis of Concordance. Its roots sink into the Midrealm, and grows out towards bioth the upper and lower planes. Its branches reach out to connect all of the cosmic realms.

The Abyss

Below the Lower Planes rests the Abyss, realm of the udug-xul.

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