Major Conflicts

The Great Rebellion

Date: Undetermined time during the Age of Titans – End of the Age of Titans (unknown number of years)
Location: Universal
Summary: A third of the Celestial Host, the Titans, the dragons and the fey turned against the gods.
Outcome: The Forsaken failed to defeat the gods, and those that survived escaped into the darkness of the multiverse.

The War of Horrors

The Aerlonesti-Xianluan War

The Fiend Soul War

The Ashaki Civil War

The Daishen Invasion of Xianluan

The Daishen Civil War

The Valendar Demonic Cold War

The Venicar Civil War

The Rastoli Conquest

The Merchant Rebellion

The Lurindor Trade Wars

The Hynar-Suldeinor War

The Xaos Eastern Conquest

The Xianluan Confederate Civil War

The Tyrant's World War

Date: Age of Strife 5164 – 5169
Location: Across the entire world of Celesia

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