Lore: Life In Celesia

On Celesia, the people who actually face deadly encounters belong to a very minuscule minority. The vast majority of people manage to live their day-to-day lives uneventfully until they pass away from old age. Very few manage to gain enough personal power to make a name for themselves.

The average adult who lives a peaceful life is a 2nd-level commoner or expert. Some reach 3rd-level in their old age. Those that work and train hard consistently at their chose profession even reach 4th-level in their prime. Only 0.1% of the world's population actually reach 5th-level or higher. Of those, half of them have actual PC classes. Racially, the average adult level varies. Elves, with their longer life span, average 5th-level. Dwarves and gnomes average 4th-level. Aelfkyn and halflings average 3rd-level. On the other hand, those races have lower than average birthrates. Goblins, orcs, and kobolds breed in much greater numbers, but have shorter life spans and average only 1st level. The danger from them comes from the fact their class disparity skews towards the warrior and fighter classes.

The average 2nd-level human adult who works for a living can make an average 10 gold pieces a week using the Profession skill (2 ranks, +1 for Wis 12, +3 class bonus, +2 from Prodigy feat, +3 from Skill Focus feat).

People who who reach 5th-level begin to gain abilities that border on the supernatural, more than what mere mortals are capable of. Whether it is the expansion of the mind to hidden possibilities, deeper spiritual connections, or the ability to mold and use ki, ordinary people call these individuals 'Awakened'. These are people who have faced and survives fatal trials, coming out of those deadly crucibles realizing the deeper truths of themselves and the universe.


Celesia is a world with a long and varied history intertwined with magic and the fantastical. As such, although the average civilized Celesian does not use magic directly themselves, at least some form of magic is present in their life, even if that magic is not understood. Superstition and folklore, usually based on some truth, but riddle with inaccuracies, are the extent to most people's knowledge of magic. For actual spellcasters, however, the ability to use magic grants many benefits in the day-to-day or professional lives. With being able to cast 0-level spells at will, spellcasters are never far from adding magic to their lives.

Bards are able to do more than sing and recite tales. With dancing lights and ghost sound, every bard's performance is guaranteed to not be mundane. Although limited, 1st-level spells such as animate rope, silent image, and ventriloquism make for very memorable performances. Comprehend languages allows the bard to never get too confused when traveling, while unseen servant makes life just plain easier.

Clerics and oracles


Psions and wilders

Sorcerers and wizards


What is amazing about Celesians is that magic is explicitly not some force beyond mere mortals. While it is true that a few are born with the ability (sorcerers) and others are chosen (favored souls and oracles), if a person has the wits for it, they too can wield magic.

Throughout Celesia, there are means for one to learn magic. In more remote areas, such knowledge is passed down through a line of masters and apprentices. However, in more metropolitan cities, their are actual academies to teach wizardry, monasteries to awaken the psionic mind, and seminaries for those seeking to serve their god.


For a world with a long civilized history (the current line of Celesian civilizations can be accurately recorded dating back over twenty-seven thousand years), Celesia's level of technology is woefully primitive, and its progression is phenomenally slow. The highest level of practical technology is steam technology found only in only a few of the richest nations, and it has been so for the past five hundred years. Even the existence of the jiren, sapient artificial lifeforms with incredibly advanced circuitry, programming, and non-magically powered mechanical bodies, could not be said t come out of any technological advancement. Instead, the jiren android were brought to life with incredibly advanced magic. This shortcut actually did all the hard work, but not even the creators of the jiren could explain how they worked.

Some theories use the jiren as an example of Celesia's lack of technological progression. The theory believes that the widespread use of magic as a shortcut has devastatingly undermined technological progress. Yet on its own, this theory does not account for fields where magic is not a major factor and where advance technology would be helpful. These fields still haven't seen technological advancement for millenia.

Devotees to El-Sathys, goddess of knowledge, and Belthazar, god of crafting, have an additional theory: that there are outside forces dedicated to suppressing and sabotaging the advancement of sciences and technology throughout Celesia. There are certainly enough powerful forces throughout the multiverse that would have strong interest in keeping Celesians as primitive as possible, such as certain gods, demon lords, or cosmic horrors. There have certainly been enough cataclysms through Celesia's history that have set back and undo numerous potential discoveries.

Despite this, however, Celesia advances in other ways.

Magical knowledge and applications have certainly advanced, and continue to advance, resulting in the development of many fantastical creations. Celesians are able to roam the sky in airships kept aloft with magic, with some vessels equipped to travel through space. Indeed, over Celesia's history, there have been numerous, albeit small, contacts with inhabitants of other planets within Celesia's solar system. On the other hand, Celesians have traveled the depths of the seas in magical submarines, and dug deep into the earth.

Some cities have transportation networks through the means of magical teleportation or portals, allowing instant travel over long distances. Communication over cast distances are also possible. Understanding of multiverse and how magic works has been greatly documented. The knowledge of biology has never been so vast, what with all these fantastical and alien creatures inhabiting this world. Advancements in alchemy have resulted in strange and wonderful concoctions, from liquids that freeze upon exposure to air, to small stones that deafen upon impact, to a myriad of poisons with a wide variety of effects.

The danger that lies within the advancements is that magic is a key foundation to all of them. While magic has proven to be reliable on its own, it has also been proven to have vulnerabilities from willful, outside. With enough understanding and power, magic can be dispelled, blocked, or warped, and history has shown that an over reliance on magical devices could lead to great disasters. This is why the lack of advancement of non-magical technologies remains a concern for all.

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