World Terms

Days of the week

  • Moonday
  • Waterday
  • Windsday
  • Earthday
  • Fireday
  • Starday
  • Sunday

Months of the year

  • Kaïshan — Chillfade (first month of the year, winter, 31 days)
  • Firhen — Clearflow (spring, 30 days)
  • Tierlan — Seedrise (spring, spring equinox, 31 days)
  • Asmolan — Highbloom (spring, 30 days)
  • Vandarkaï— Dawnrise (summer, 31 days)
  • Zhaoren — Sunpeak (summer, summer solstice, 30 days)
  • Karthoran — Goldset (summer, 31 days)
  • Elsaren— Harvesttide (fall, 30 days)
  • Jeshakaï — Brightleaf (fall, fall equinox, 31 days)
  • Orcsaï — Barebark (fall, 30 days)
  • Minyan — Snowdawn (winter, 31 days)
  • Nouyan — Frostveil (winter, winter solstice, 30 days)

General Glossary

  • aethrite: the crystallized form of mana. Aethrite grows along the magical ley lines of the world and where there is a high concentration of magical power. As raw magic, it can be magically altered to allow a wide variety of uses. (Replaces all diamond/diamond dust as spell components.)
  • aetherium: also known as 'truesilver'. Aetherium was created by natural magical forces (the Mana Flow) amalgamating different metals together. It is silvery with a blueish hue. It is lighter than steel, but hard and more durable. (Replaces mithral/mithril.)
  • hellspit: common swear word.
  • Shadowcrawl: A vast network of tunnels and caves underneath the surface of Celesia.

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