Devils were once Celestials of the First Host. They were seduced and corrupted in their war against evil by the Prime Evils. Led by Asmodeus, one third of the Host rebelled against the Creator Gods in a bid to become their own masters. They lost, and were cast down. They became the Devils, and now reside in the Nine Hells. They remain bound by their laws, but have now become experts at exploiting and subverting it. They seek their revenge against the Gods by seducing their followers. Their numbers have grown with the souls they've bargained for being used to create new devils.

Archdukes of the Nine Hells

Asmodeus: Asmodeus the King of the Nine Hells, Lord of the Ninth, and a god in his own right.

Mephistopheles: Lord of the Eighth, archdevil of envy and lies.

Belial: Lord of the Fourth, archdevil of lust and pain.

Beelzebub: Lord of the Seventh, archdevil of gluttony and insects.

Belphegor: Lord of the Fifth, archdevil of sloth and inventions.

Dispater: Lord of the Second, archdevil of imprisonment and earth.

Iblis: Lord of the Sixth, archdevil of pride and corruption.

Mammon: Lord of the Third, archdevil of greed and secrets.

Astaroth: Lord of the First, archdevil of wrath and strength.

Other Archdevils




Forneus Marquis of Seduction and Language

Foras Duke of Knowledge and Alchemy

Furfur Earl of Deception and Storms

Surtur Archdevil of smithing and fire giants.

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