Demons are the sentient manifestations of chaos and evil. The originals were once Celestials of the First Host, but then rebelled against the Creator Gods. They fell, but then rebelled against Asmodeus, who declared himself the ruler of the Fallen. Hence, they fell a second time, retreating to the unwanted chaotic regions of the Seven Hells, and became known as the demons. Since then, they have grown their numbers with petitioners from the mortal plains.

Demon Lords

Abraxas: Demon lord of incantations.

Átahsaia: Demon lord of cannibilism.

Baphomet: Demon lord of minotaurs and decadence.

Chullachaqui: Demon lord of chupacabras and hunting.

Demogorgon: Demon lord of destruction. Demogorgon is the ultimate lord of all demons, but is always called 'The Unnameable' as it is so powerful that to say his name aloud is to draw his attention to you. In its rare depiction in profane art, he appears as a black maelstrom with numerous tendrils tipped with fang-filled maws emerging from the maelstrom's center. Demogorgon's power is said to rival a god's, but its motives remain unfathomable. It is an old demon, one of the first, possibly an udug-hul that devoured an enormous amount of souls. Throughout history, its actions have always been destructive, but rarely aimed at targets that made sense.

Dzoavits: Demon lord of ogres and volcanoes.

Lamashtu: Demon lord of hybrids and motherhood. Lamashtu was once a daughter of Tiamat, but both are now hated rivals with each other. Lamashtu seeks to usurp her mother's position as goddess of all monsters. She and Pazuzu are also hated enemies.

Lilith: Demon lord of succubi and lust. Lilith is a powerful demon who covets the title of the Prince of Demons. A highly sexual demon, Lilith appears as a comely human female with white, leathery skin. Many long tentacles form her "hair" and can be used to grab things. Her eyes are black with gold pupils, and her teeth are razor sharp. Her nails are long and can be used as claws.

Moloch: Demon lord of fire. Moloch was once a Archduke of Hell, the former Lord of the Sixth, but was one of the main architects of a failed coup against Asmodeus. Not willing to wait for Asmodeus' verdict, Moloch fled to the Abyss, and over time became a demon lord.

Kigatilik: Demon lord of adlets.

Orochi: Demon lord of serpents.

Pazuzu: Demon lord of air. For reasons lost in myth, Pazuzu seeks to constantly foil Lamashtu's plans.

Ymir: Demon lord of ice and frost giants.

Zhastur: A powerful demon who covets the title of the Prince of Demons.

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