The Deep Hollows

The Deep Hollows is the world underneath the surface of Celesia. It is the common name of the vast network of tunnels and caverns woven throughout the underground of the planet's crust. It was formed by the magic of creation, expanded by the tunneling of a myriad of creatures. It is an ecology all onto its own. It is home to the dark elves, the deep gnomes, and so many other creatures and races. Entire nations can be found, along with untold horrors and dangers.

Celesia's oceanic crust is 10 to 20 km thick, while its continental crust is 50 to 100 km thick.

Alternatively called the 'Deeps' or the 'Hollows'.

The Deep Hollows are divided into 3 distinct layers.


Home to dwarves, orcs, kobolds.


Home to dark elves, grey dwarves, deep gnomes, troglodytes, sserassin, tharaxin.


Home of thul-koon.

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