Layman: Laymen are the regular worshippers and faithful of the church. They are ordinary people (farmers, merchants, etc.) from all walks of life who pay tribute and attend mass.

Ordained: The ordained members of the church form the bulk of it. They are normal individuals indoctinated to performs all functions of the church. Without them, the church would not function. Most well-known are the pastors, but also scribes, nuns, monks, and soldiers. They do not carry any of their deity's grace, but are able to invoke through their faith some of their deity's power.

Anointed: The anointed members of the church are the most renowned. They are the clergy that have been blessed by their deity with divine grace, and able to perform miracles. They most often lead the church or go on special quests. In game terms, anointed clergy are classes who can cast divine spells (e.g. paladins and clerics).

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