The Argent Rose Society

The Argent Rose Society is a world-spanning organization of scholars and researchers. Their stated goal is to preserve lore, record history, and advance all knowledge for the benefit for all.

The Society has a lengthy history that spans over twenty thousand years. It originally started out as a social club for several prominent scholars and mages during the height of Xiankai, the First Empire of humanity during the Age of Starlight. When a cataclysm destroyed Xiankai and sank it to the bottom of the Xianluan-hai, the surviving members of the Argent Rose Society dedicated their organization in preserving the knowledge of the Empire. Over time, the Society expanded their goals to encompass supporting the whole world.

The Society is organized into chapters based on lodges, each of which oversee Argent Rose activity in a particular regions. These lodges usually provides other services in addition to supporting those of Argent Rose. They may be libraries, universities, bardic colleges, or caster's towers. A lodge is administered by a chapter-sage.

Because the Society, in their pursuit of knowledge, often come across dangers or deal with sensitive information that ordinary scholars are ill-trained to deal with properly. The Society has developed a branch of skilled field agents to investigate dangerous sites, and protect dangerous lore.

Affiliation Score Criteria:
Criterion Affiliation Score Modifier
Expertise +1/2 character level
5 or more ranks in any Knowledge skill +1 per skill
10 or more ranks in any Knowledge skill1 +2 per skill
Completes mission for the Society +1 per mission
Donates historical artifact to the Society +1/1,000 gp value
Donates recording of adventure to the Society +1 per adventure
Uncover hidden lore and donates it to the Society2 +2 per lore
Recommendation of a Silver Sage or higher +2
Donates magic or psionic item to the Society +1/1,000 gp value
Divulges secrets and identities of members of the Society -5
Steals from the Society -10
1Overlaps the bonus for 5 or more ranks in the same Knowledge skill
2Examples of hidden lore include texts at least 100 years old, personal journals of historical/famous individuals, political, magical or religious secrets.
Titles, Benefits, and Duties:
Affiliation Score Title Benefits Duties
3 or lower No affiliation
4—7 Rose Disciple: You are a probationary member of the Society, under the tutelage of a Rose Adept or higher. You gain a +2 circumstance bonus to any Knowledge check when performed inside an Argent Rose lodge.
8—12 Rose Adept: You are a full member of the Society, aware only of its public goal of cataloguing knowledge and teaching it to others. You may requisition one potion or scroll up to 3rd-level twice per month. You must donate one potion or scroll to the Society once per month.
13—20 Rose Scholar: You are an agent of the Society, aware of its shadow operations and goals, trusted enough to be assigned missions to further the Society's goals. You may purchase spellcasting services from the Society or one of its allies at 2/3 the standard price. You must perform one mission for the Society once per month.
21—29 Silver Sage: You are a senior agent of the Society. You train and lead lower rank agents, and are responsible for Society operations in an area. You may borrow one item worth up to 10,000 gp for 1d4 weeks per month. You must use your judgment to anticipate threats to the Society or determine the best course of action by making a DC 20 Sense Motive check once per month; failure reduces your affiliation score by 1.
30 or higher Argent Savant: You are one of the secret leaders of the Society. You organize operations, tasking Argent Rose cells with fulfilling them. You can instantly communicate telepathically to other Argent Savants through your Argent Rose badge three times per day, gaining a +6 insight bonus on any Appraise, Knowledge, Linguistic, Psicraft, Sense Motive, Spellcraft, Use Magic Device, or Use Psionic Device check. You must act to keep different parties working together as well as uncover the plots of the Society's enemies by making a DC 30 Diplomacy check once per month; failure reduces your affiliation score by 1.
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