House Rules: Weapons - Alchemical Items

Many alchemical items are often thrown or hurled, and then break to make “splash” attacks. If the item has a DC, the DC increases by 2 for every +4 base attack bonus of the thrower. For every 10 the attack roll beats the target DV, the item's damage and splash damage are applied again. Unless otherwise described, alchemical items have a range increment of 10 feet.

Instead of targeting a creature, you can make a ranged attack with a splash weapon against a 5 by 5 foot square area (DV 5 plus range penalties.)

If you hit: The target is dealt by the item's damage, and creatures in all adjacent squares are dealt splash damage. No creatures take direct hit damage if you target a square area.

If you miss: First, roll 1d8 to determine the misdirection of the throw.

  • 1: Falls short (straight line towards the thrower.)
  • 2 through 8: Count around the target creature or grid intersection in a clockwise direction.
  • Then, count a number of squares in the indicated direction equal to the number of range increments thrown. The thrown object lands that number of spaces away from the target.
  • Finally, the item deals splash damage (if any) to all creatures in the square it lands in and in all adjacent squares.
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