House Rules: Traps

Additional Trap Creation Rules

  • Magic device traps now have a limit to how many times they can be reset, tracked as charges akin to magic items. Additionally, automatic resets now have different time delays before resetting.
  • Increasing the number of charges increases the cost of the trap.
  • For automatic resets, trap costs increase the shorter the delay is.

Table: Additional Cost Modifiers for Magic Device Traps

Charges Cost
Per charge +10 gp x trap CR
Unlimited Multiply entire cost by 1001
Reset Interval Cost
Instant Multiply entire cost by 1001
Round +50,000 divided by number of rounds
Minute +5,000 divided by number of minutes
Hour +150 divided by number of hours
Day or longer None

1 If both the charges are unlimited and the reset interval is instant, multiply the entire cost by 10,000.

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