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Use this skill to master the tortuous pronunciation of truenames, each of which involves a dozen syllables, precise timing, and vocalizations foreign even to the most multilingual character.


Utter Recitation (Skilled)

If you're a truenamer, you use this skill every time you deliver an utterance or make a recitation. If you're a spellcaster with a truename spell at your disposal, you make a Truespeak check to cast the spell properly. Members of prestige classes such as the fiendbinder, acolyte of the ego, and brimstone speaker make Truespeak checks to activate their class features.

You can also make a Truespeak check as a free action to identify an utterance being spoken, even when it's not your turn. The DC of this check is equal to the DC to speak the utterance you wish to identify.

Of the standard classes, only the truenamer has Truespeak as a class skill.

This skill doesn't represent your ability to learn and know truenames so much as it represents your ability to say them aloud. Each truename is complex and exacting enough that just overhearing a truename, even a personal truename, doesn't give you any particular facility for pronouncing it yourself. That takes continuous vocal exercises and endless study.

Check: You can pronounce the truename of a creature (such as "orc," "horse," or "red dragon") by succeeding on a Truespeak check with a DC of 15 + (2 x the creature's CR). For creatures that don't have Challenge Ratings, such as player characters, use a DC of 15 + (2 x the creature's HD). Speaking the truename of a magic item has a DC of 15 + (2 x item's caster level).

Speaking a creature's personal truename increases the DC of the Truespeak check by 2. You gain a +4 competence bonus on Truespeak checks for saying your own personal truename.

Because saying a truename is such an idiosyncratic, exacting task, you can't take 10 or take 20 on Truespeak checks.

Action: Speaking a truename is a complex provoke action of 2 acts.

Retry? Yes.

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