House Rules: Mythic Adventures

Mythic Adventures

Mythic Heroes

Basic Mythic Abilities

Ability Score

Upon gaining your 1st mythic tier, increase three different ability scores of your choice by 1. At every tier thereafter, you may increase three different ability scores by 1; one or more of them can be an ability score you've already increased or a different ability score.

Mythic Feat

Select one mythic feat, epic feat, or non-mythic feat as a bonus feat. You must qualify for this feat normally.

You gain another mythic feat at 2nd tier, and again every tier thereafter.

Mythic Feats

Mythic feats that are simply a version of a normal feat are banned from the game, with certain exceptions. However, if a mythic feat has a benefit that requires a mythic power to be spent, you can spend mythic power to gain that specific benefit as long as you have the normal version of the feat.

These mythic feats may be taken as written: Drink is Life, Extra Arcana (Mythic), Extra Arcane Pool (Mythic), Extra Bane (Mythic), Extra Bombs (Mythic), Extra Cantrips or Orisons (Mythic), Extra Channel (Mythic), Extra Discovery (Mythic), Extra Elemental Assault (Mythic), Extra Evolution (Mythic), Extra Grit (Grit, Mythic), Extra Hex (Mythic), Extra Ki (Ki, Mythic), Extra Mythic Power, Extra Lay on Hands (Mythic), Extra Mercy (Mythic), Extra Performance (Mythic), Extra Rage (Mythic), Extra Rage Power (Mythic), Extra Ranger Trap (Mythic), Extra Revelation (Mythic), Extra Rogue Talent (Mythic), Extra Summons (Mythic), Mythic Leadership

House Rules: Mythic Feats
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