House Rules: Mass Combat - Defeated Destroyed Disbanded
  • Defeated Units: A unit that has all of its sections reduced to 0 hit points is defeated, and is automatically fatigued and routing. While still on the battlefield, it can be attacked. Following the battle, it can be taken prisoner or massacred by its enemies, or recovered, reformed, and restored to fighting strength by its allies (see Victory and Aftermath). Unless destroyed or massacred, a defeated unit has enough surviving soldiers to later form one section after the battle has ended, but this unit of survivors gain the exhausted and shaken conditions until it gains 8 hours of rest. When the army commander's unit is defeated, Army Morale is reduced by 2.
  • Destroyed Units: If a defeated unit is successfully attacked before the battle ends by an enemy unit of at least half its size, the defeated unit is instead destroyed and ceases to exist as a fighting force. Any survivors are individuals who are wounded, or surrendered or deserted. If the destroyed unit was led by its army's commander, Army Morale is reduced by 2. The commander can then be dealt with as described in the Victory and Aftermath section.
    • An army is destroyed when all of its units are destroyed. When this happens, its nation loses 1 point of Fame. In addition, there is a 25% chance that the city where the army is based from has a Building Demand event during the next nation turn, demanding a Monument to be erected as a memorial to the fallen. This is in addition to any other nation events that may occur. Unrest increases by 1 every month this demand is not met.
  • Disbanded Units: When unit's Morale reaches -11 or lower and its leader fails a Morale check, the unit not only routs from the battlefield but actually ceases to exist as a fighting force, disintegrating in a combination of flight and surrender. When a unit disbands, 50% of its number are counted as Casualties to the nation’s population, as those soldiers desert their country and flee for safer lands where their shame will not follow them. The other 50% of the soldiers filter back into the population of their nation. If the disbanded unit was led by the army's commander, the army's Morale is reduced by 1, but the commander is able to return to the Command zone and can be reassigned to another unit in that zone during the next Tactics phase.
    • When a unit disbands, the army commander must succeed at a leadership check, or else the Army Morale reduces by 1; this stacks if more than one unit disbands. When an army disbands, the nation for which it fights takes a permanent -1 penalty to Fame, Loyalty, and Stability and the settlement where the army was based from takes a permanent -2 penalty to Law for 1 year.
    • If an enemy army disbands while you are at war (rather than, for example, disbanding because of lack of pay or training during peacetime), one of your army within one hex of the disbanded army gains a supply of BP equal to 1/2 the disbanded army’s ACR. If you create a new army in a settlement within 3 hexes of the site of the enemy army’s desertion, you gain a one-time bonus equal to 1/2 of the disbanded army's ACR to your next Loyalty check to recruit soldiers as you take advantage of disaffected deserters from your enemy who have turned to your side.
  • Leaders and Losses: At the end of the Rout phase, a d% should be rolled for destroyed or disbanded units to determine if their leader and any significant character fighting with it are able to escape (01-30), are killed (31-50), or are captured by the opposing army (51-00). Player characters should typically escape with 25% of their hit points rather than being killed, or the GM may run an individual combat encounter to resolve their fate. In any event, characters that escape can spend one Action phase making their way to the Command Zone (not counting the phase in which their army was eliminated). Once there, the army commander can reassign them to a new unit, and in subsequent Action phases, they can again make use of their command boon (not including permanent boons). If the destroyed or disbanded unit's leader is the army commander, and they are killed or captured, the army's units no longer gain bonuses to LB from their commander and no longer benefit from their boons and tactics.
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