House Rules: Mass Combat - Conquering Enemy Territory

When your army enters a hex claimed by another nation, it can spend a day to take control of its infrastructure. The hex then becomes occupied by your nation. The hex and its improvements still belong to its original nation, but count as losing hexes (see House Rules: Nation Building - Losing Hexes). You can occupy a hex with a settlement in it if there is no opposing army in it.

You can only occupy a hex if it is adjacent to your nation or a hex you are already occupying. If an opposing army reclaims an occupied hex (or occupies your occupied hex in the case of a 3rd-party army), and occupied hexes that are no longer linked to your nation are freed and returned to its original owner. An occupied hex allows a supply line to be established in the other nation's territory, allowing you to directly pay Consumption to any armies in those hexes.

Your nation can gain the bonuses from a hex and its improvements and settlement that you are occupying by putting its native inhabitants back to work for your nation. During the nation's Decision phase, the Ruler can spend 1 BP to make an occupied hex become exploited. The hex and its settlement are temporarily added to your nation, increasing its Size and Control DC. Your nation benefits half of the value of all numerical bonuses generated by that hex, except for Unrest increases and penalties which remain at full value.

Hexes claimed by your nation that are occupied or exploited can be reclaimed by your army spending a day in that hex to retake control at no cost. The hex must not contain any opposing armies in it.

Hexes that are no longer connected to a nation due to occupied hexes become cut-off. Those hexes are still claimed by their nation, but like occupied hexes, count as losing hexes. Control over these hexes are immediately returned to their original owner when they are once more linked to their unoccupied territory containing their nation's capital.

Your nation's territory are all the hexes that are linked to your capital settlement. If you change which settlement is your capital, then the hexes that are considered to be your nation also changes as well.

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