House Rules: Magic Items

Dynamic Magic Item Creation
Talismanic Components

Removed Magical Items

Magic items no longer grant enhancement bonuses to ability scores. The list of removed magical items includes, but is not limited to:

Belt of giant strength
Belt of incredible dexterity
Belt of mighty constitution
Belt of physical might
Belt of physical perfection
Headband of alluring charisma
Headband of inspired wisdom
Headband of mental prowess
Headband of mental superiority
Headband of vast intelligence
Ioun stone (crimson sphere)
Ioun stone (deep red sphere)
Ioun stone (incandescent blue sphere)
Ioun stone (magenta prism)
Ioun stone (onyx rhomboid)
Ioun stone (pale blue rhomboid)
Ioun stone (pink and green sphere)
Ioun stone (pink rhomboid)
Ioun stone (scarlet and blue sphere)

If a magical item grants an enhancement bonus to one or more ability scores, but also has other magical properties (such as the minotaur belt and the shifter's headband), then only the enhancement bonus is removed, and the item's cost is reduced by 2,000 gp for every +1 enhancement bonus.

Adding New Abilities

Sometimes, lack of funds or time make it impossible for a magic item crafter to create the desired item from scratch. Fortunately, it is possible to enhance or build upon an existing magic item. Only time, gold, and the various prerequisites required of the new ability to be added to the magic item restrict the type of additional powers one can place.

The cost to add additional abilities to an item is the same as if the item was not magical, less the value of the original item. Thus, a +1 longsword can be made into a +2 vorpal longsword, with the cost to create it being equal to that of a +2 vorpal sword minus the cost of a +1 longsword.

If the item is one that occupies a specific place on a character's body, and the ability to be added is from another item that fits the same body slot, the overall cost of all abilities to that item increases by 50%. For example, if a character adds the power to confer invisibility (20,000 gp) to her ring of protection +2 (8,000 gp), the final cost of such a ring would be the sum of the costs of each ability (28,000 gp) multiplied by 1.5 (42,000 gp).

If the ability to be added comes from an item of a different body slot or is slotless, the overall item price is doubled.

Magic Item Settlement Chance

The chance to find a specific magic item in a settlement depends on the number of magical buildings in the settlement and the value of the magic item. Settlements, regardless of size, start with 0% chance of finding a specific magical item. This percentage increases by certain buildings built in the settlement (see Nation Building), to a maximum of 90%. A magic item's chance of being available in a settlement is reduced by 10% for every 1,000 gp of the item's prices (rounded up), to a minimum of 0%.

You may make only percentile check for each magical item you are searching for in a settlement once per month. If the item is not available, you may make another check the following month to see if it has appeared in that settlement.


Aura moderate necromancy; CL 10th; Slot —; Price 7,500 gp; Weight 5 lbs.
This black rod carved of darkly stained wood is inset with religious symbols of various deities. Anyone who possesses the rod and is able to channel energy gains four more uses of the ability per day.
Craft Rod, Extra Channel, channel energy class feature; Cost 3,750 gp

Siege Weapons

Fireball Cannon
Aura variable evocation; CL variable; Slot —; Price variable; Weight —.
Cannons are siege weapons made of metal, some cast in one piece like long, narrow bells, while others are built like bundles of metallic staves welded together and reinforced with iron bands. The cannon shoots a fireball in a straight line, but must wait 5 rounds before it can fire again as it gathers magical energies. The cannon comes in two versions:

  • Minor: A minor fireball cannon has CL 5th and faint evocation aura. It has a maximum range of 600 ft., deals 5d6 fire damage, and has a price of 30,300 gp.
  • Major: A major fireball cannon has CL 10th and moderate evocation aura. It has a maximum range of 800 ft., deals 10d6 fire damage, and has a price of 57,300 gp.

Both versions can additionally be enhanced to have their range doubled for increase cost: 39,300 gp for the minor version, and 75,300 gp for the major version.
Craft Magic Arms and Armor, Extend Spell (optional), fireball; Cost 15,150 gp (minor), 28,650 gp (major), 19,650 gp (minor extended), 37,650 gp (major extended).

Wondrous Items

Amulet of Mighty Fists

Aura faint evocation; CL 5th; Slot neck; Price 2,000 gp (+1), 8,000 gp (+2), 18,000 gp (+3), 32,000 gp (+4), 50,000 gp (+5); Weight
    This amulet grants an enhancement bonus of +1 to +5 on attack and damage rolls with unarmed attacks and natural weapons.
    Alternatively, this amulet can grant melee weapon special abilities, so long as they can be applied to unarmed attacks. See Table: Melee Weapon Special Abilities for a list of abilities. Special abilities count as additional bonuses for determining the market value of the item, but do not modify attack or damage bonuses. An amulet of mighty fists cannot have a modified bonus (enhancement bonus plus special ability bonus equivalents) higher than +5. An amulet of mighty fists does not need to have a +1 enhancement bonus to grant a melee weapon special ability.
Construction Requirements
Feats Craft Wondrous Item; Spells greater magic fang; Special creator’s caster level must be at least three times the amulet’s bonus, plus any requirements of the melee weapon special abilities; Cost 1,000 gp (+1), 4,000 gp (+2), 9,000 gp (+3), 16,000 gp (+4), 25,000 gp (+5)

Flying Ship
Aura strong transmutation; CL 20th; Slot —; Price varies; Weight as ship.
    This ship is able to fly through the air as if affected by an overland flight spell of unlimited duration. The size, carrying capacity, and speed match those for each ship type listed in the Equipment chapter of the Core Rulebook. Each ship has its own command word to activate — if the device is within voice range, the command word activates it whether the spear is on the ship or not. The ship is then controlled by manipulating the steering wheel on the bridge
    A flying ship can carry up to double its capacity, but doing so reduces its speed by 1 mile per hour. A flying ship can hover without making a Fly skill check and gives a +5 bonus to other Fly checks.
Construction Requirements
Craft Wondrous Item, overland flight; Cost 100,000 gp plus cost of ship

Vambraces of Resolve
Aura moderate enchantment; CL 7th; Slot wrists; Price 8,000 gp; Weight 3 lbs.
     These vambraces change their appearance depending on who wears them.
    If the wearer is a samurai, these vambraces display the symbol of his order. When unworn or in the hands of a non-samurai, they appear to be an ordinary pair of steel vambraces.
    A samurai wearing these vambraces is considered two class levels higher for purposes of determining the effects of his challenge class feature. Furthermore, once per day as an immediate action, a samurai with the resolve class feature can give himself one additional use of resolve.
Construction Requirements
Craft Wondrous Item, heroism; Cost 4,000 gp.


Spell Level Cleric, Druid, Wizard Sorcerer Bard Paladin, Ranger
0 375 gp 375 gp 375 gp
1st 750 gp 750 gp 750 gp 750 gp
2nd 4,500 gp 6,000 gp 6,000 gp 6,000 gp
3rd 11,250 gp 13,500 gp 15,750 gp 15,750 gp
4th 21,000 gp 24,000 gp 30,000 gp 30,000 gp
5th 33,750 gp 37,500 gp 48,750 gp
6th 49,500 gp 54,000 gp 72,000 gp
7th 68,250 gp 73,500 gp
8th 90,000 gp 96,000 gp
9th 114,750 gp 121,500 gp
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