House Rules: Feats

New and Modified Feats

Able Learner[RoD]
Dimensional Agility
Divine Protection
Danger Sense[Mini]
Extra Channel
Extra Favored Enemy
Extra Favored Terrain
Extra Grant Move Action
Extra Granted Maneuver[ToB]
Extra Readied Maneuver[ToB]
Fearless Destiny
Great Charisma
Great Constitution
Great Dexterity
Great Fortitude
Great Intelligence
Great Strength
Great Wisdom
Improved Concentration
Improved Favored Enemy
Improved Favored Terrain
Improved Flight
Improved Major Aura
Improved Stonecunning
Increase Skill Proficiency
Iron Will
Keen Scent
Lightning Reflexes
Monstrous Companion
Practiced Initiator
Practiced Manifester
Practiced Spellcaster
Second Wind[Mini]
Skilled Driver
Spell Expertise
Spider Step
Swift Terrain
Sudden Recovery[ToB]
Vital Recovery[ToB]
Active Shield Defense[PHB2]
Adder Strike
Agile Shield Fighter[PHB2]
Armed Deflect Arrows
Armor Focus
Blind Fight
Charging Hurler
Cleaving Finish
Deathless Master
Deflect Arrows
Deft Maneuvers
Devastating Strike
Disengaging Feint
Dueling Mastery
Elemental Strike
Favored Deadly Aim
Favored Power Attack
Final Embrace
Furious Focus
Fury of the Tainted
Gang Up
Greater Bull Rush
Greater Dirty Trick
Greater Disarm
Greater Drag
Greater Grapple
Greater Overrun
Greater Reposition
Greater Steal
Greater Sunder
Greater Trip
Haunted Gnome
Impaling Critical
Impenetrable Natural Armor
Improved Feint
Improved Ki
Ki Pool
Ki Throw
Martial Study[ToB]
Moonlight Stalker
Mounted Skirmisher
Net Adept
Nightmare Fist
Quick Draw
Rapid Shot
Rending Fury
Penetrating Strike
Powerful Maneuvers
Precise Shot
Second Chance
Shield Sling[PHB2]
Shield Specialization
Shield Ward[PHB2]
Side Step
Siege Engineer
Snap Shot
Spirited Charge
Spring Attack
Step Up
Twin Thunders
Two-Weapon Defense
Two-Weapon Feint
Two-Weapon Fighting
Vital Strike
Weapon Focus
Weapon Specialization
Whip Mastery
Archon Style
Ascetic Style
Beastmaster Style
Boar Style
Broken Blade Style
Brute Style
Bulette Charge Style
Crane Style
Crashing Wave Style
Cudgeler Style
Deadhand Style
Djinni Style
Dragon Style
Dwarven Fury Style
Earth Child Style
Efreeti Style
Elven Battle Style
Empty Quiver Style
Fox Style
Grabbing Style
Illusive Gnome Style
Indomitable Mountain Style
Jabbing Style
Janni Style
Kirin Style
Kitsune Style
Kobold Style
Kraken Style
Kyton Style
Linnorm Style
Maddening Style
Mantis Style
Marid Style
Mobile Bulwark Style
Monkey Style
Orc Rage Style
Outslug Style
Overwatch Style
Owl Style
Panther Style
Shaitan Style
Shield Gauntlet Style
Slipslinger Style
Smashing Style
Snake Style
Snapping Turtle Style
Spear Dancing Style
Spring-Heeled Style
Startoss Style
Street Style
Swift Iron Style
Swordplay Style
Tatzlwyrm Style
Tempest Gale Style
Thrashing Dragon Style
Tiger Style
Unblinking Flame Style
Unfolding Wind Style
Untwisting Iron Style
Upsetting Shield Style
Vanguard Style
Veiled Moon Style
Wolf Style
Wyvern Claw Style
Quicken Spell
Sudden Bouncing
Sudden Burning
Sudden Concussive
Sudden Dazing
Sudden Disruptive
Sudden Echoing
Sudden Ectoplasmic
Sudden Elemental
Sudden Empower
Sudden Enlarge
Sudden Extend
Sudden Flaring
Sudden Focused
Sudden Intensified
Sudden Jinxed
Sudden Lingering
Sudden Maximize
Sudden Merciful
Sudden Piercing
Sudden Quicken
Sudden Reach
Sudden Rime
Sudden Selective
Sudden Sickening
Sudden Silent
Sudden Still
Sudden Tenacious
Sudden Thanatopic
Sudden Threatening Illusion
Sudden Threnodic
Sudden Thundering
Sudden Toppling
Sudden Widen
Tenacious Spell
Divine Metamagic
Greater Psionic Repletion
Greater Psionic Resilience
Greater Psionic Resistance
Psionic Immortality
Psionic Repletion
Psionic Resilience
Psionic Resistance
Quicken Power
Back to Back
Feint Partner
Epic Prowess
Dual Path
Extra Path Ability
Vital Strike

Removed Feats

The following feats have been removed from the game and are no longer available. These feats are no longer required for any prerequisites.

Agile Maneuvers
Archon Diversion
Archon Justice
Boar Ferocity
Boar Shred
Bounding Assault
Cloud Step
Combat Expertise
Crane Riposte
Crane Wing
Deadly Aim
Deathless Initiate
Deathless Zealot
Dimensional Assault
Dimensional Dervish
Dimensional Maneuvers
Dimensional Savant
Disengaging Flourish
Disengaging Shot
Djinni Spin
Djinni Spirit
Dragon Ferocity
Dragon Roar
Dreadful Carnage
Earth Child Binder
Earth Child Topple
Efreeti Stance
Efreeti Touch
Expert Driver
Final Embrace Horror
Final Embrace Master
Following Step
Great Cleave
Greater Blind-Fight
Greater Penetrating Strike
Greater Rending Fury
Greater Shield Specialization
Greater Snap Shot
Greater Two-Weapon Defense
Greater Two-Weapon Fighting
Greater Vital Strike
Greater Weapon Focus
Greater Weapon Specialization
Greater Whip Mastery
Haunted Gnome Assault
Haunted Gnome Shroud
Improved Armor Focus
Improved Back to Back
Improved Blind-Fight
Improved Bull Rush
Improved Charging Hurler
Improved Cleaving Finish
Improved Devastating Strike
Improved Dirty Trick
Improved Disarm
Improved Drag
Improved Fury of the Tainted
Improved Grapple
Improved Great Fortitude
Improved Impaling Critical
Improved Iron Will
Improved Ki Throw
Improved Lightning Reflexes
Improved Overrun
Improved Precise Shot
Improved Rending Fury
Improved Reposition
Improved Second Chance
Improved Sidestep
Improved Snap Shot
Improved Steal
Improved Sunder
Improved Trip
Improved Two-Weapon Defense
Improved Two-Weapon Feint
Improved Two-Weapon Fighting
Improved Vital Strike
Improved Whip Mastery
In Harm's Way
Janni Rush
Janni Tempest
Kirin Path
Kirin Strike
Lunge Major Spell Expertise
Mantis Torment
Mantis Wisdom
Marid Coldsnap
Marid Spirit
Master Siege Engineer
Minor Spell Expertise
Monkey Moves
Monkey Shine
Monstrous Companion
Moonlight Stalker Feint
Moonlight Stalker Master
Net Maneuvering
Net Trickery
Nightmare Striker
Nightmare Weaver
Panther Claw
Panther Parry
Pinpoint Poisoner
Piranha Strike
Point-Blank Shot
Power Attack
Rapid Blitz
Reckless Aim
Reckless Offense
Sap Adept
Shaitan Earthblast
Shaitan Skin
Shot on the Run
Siege Gunner
Smell Fear
Snake Fang
Snake Sidewind
Snapping Turtle Clutch
Snapping Turtle Shell
Step Up and Strike
Stone Sense
Team Up
Tiger Claws
Tiger Pounce
Trick Riding
Twin Thunders Flurry
Twin Thunders Master
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