House Rules: Feats – Siege Engineer

You are proficient with all siege weaponry.
    Prerequisites: Knowledge (engineering) 5 ranks or Profession (siege engineer) 5 ranks, proficiency with one siege engine.
    Benefit: You are considered to be proficient with all siege weapons. Also, when you are crew lead for a siege engine, you do not generate mishaps on the roll of a natural 1. You take no size penalty for aiming a direct-fire siege weapon larger than yourself. If you operate an indirect-fire siege weapon and miss, you misdirect fire by 1 square per range increment.
    If you have 10 or more ranks in Knowledge (engineering) and if you are the crew lead on a siege engine, your crew can use move actions to load a siege engine. When you spend actions to aim a siege engine, you and your crew can use move actions instead of full-round actions to aim the siege engine.
    Normal: Each siege engine is an exotic weapon. Full-round actions are required to load and aim siege engines. Direct-fire weapons impose a –2 attack roll penalty per size category by which the weapon is larger than the creature aiming it. An indirect-fire weapon that misses misdirects fire by 1d4 squares per range increment.

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