House Rules: Feats – Practiced Spellcaster

Choose a spellcasting class that you possess. Your spells cast from that class are more powerful.
    Prerequisites: Spellcraft 1 rank.
    Benefit: Your caster level for the chosen spellcasting class increases by +4. This can't increase your caster level beyond your HD. However, even if you can't benefit from the full bonus immediately, if you later gain noncaster-level HD you may be able to apply the rest of the bonus. A character with two or more spellcasting classes (such as a bard/sorcerer or a ranger/druid) must choose which class gains the feat's effect. This does not affect your spells per day or spells known. It only increases your caster level, which would help you penetrate SR and increase the duration and other effects of your spells.
    Special: You may select this feat multiple times. Each time you choose it, you can choose to apply it to the same spellcasting class or to a different spellcasting class. If you choose the same spellcasting class, the effects stack.

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