House Rules: Feats – Moonlight Stalker

You are adept at using shadows to conceal your attacks.
    Prerequisites: Int 13, Blind-Fight, Bluff 3 ranks, darkvision or low-light vision racial trait.
    Benefit: While you have concealment from an opponent, you gain a +2 bonus on attack and damage rolls against that opponent.
    If you have 6 or more ranks in Bluff, once per round, against an opponent from whom you have concealment, you can spend a swift action to make a Bluff check to feint.
    If you have 9 or more ranks in Bluff, while you have concealment, your opponents’ miss chance against you increases by 10%. If an opponent misses you due to your concealment, you can spend an immediate action to move 5 feet, this movement does not provoke attacks of opportunity and does not count as a 5-foot step.
    Normal:Feinting is a standard action.

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