House Rules: Feats - Monstrous Companion [General]

You have formed a bond with a creature far more exotic than an animal.
    Prerequisites: Handle Animal 7 ranks; class feature that functions as the druid animal companion ability (including animal companion, divine bond [mount], hunter's bond [animal companion], nature's bond [animal companion], and the mount class feature) with an effective druid level of 7.
    Benefit: As Monstrous Companion feat, except for the following:

  • Add Leadership modifiers from the Leadership feat to your Effective Druid Level.
  • The magical beast's Effective Cohort is equal to its CR.
  • An animal can be selected in place of a magical beast. If so, rebuild the animal with the Advanced simple template, and you may add the +4 increase to Intelligence scores of 2 or less.

    Special: This feat counts as the Leadership feat for the purposes of prerequisites. A character cannot have both Leadership and Monstrous Companion.

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