House Rules: Feats – Leadership

You attract followers to your cause and a companion to join you on your adventures.
    Prerequisites: Character level 7th.
    Benefit: This feat enables you to attract a loyal cohort and a number of devoted subordinates who assist you. A cohort is generally an NPC with class levels, while followers are typically lower level NPCs. Your cohort and followers do not appear immediately; you need to recruit them. However, once recruited, your cohort and followers are completely loyal to you, and require no regular upkeep from you to remain in your service, provided you perform no actions to alienate them.
    Leadership Score: Your Leadership Score is equal to your character level + Charisma modifier + mythic ranks (if any). If you occupy a leadership position in a nation, you gain a +1 bonus to your Leadership score. If you occupy the Ruler position, your bonus increases to +2. This bonus remains only as long as you occupy the nation leadership position. See Table: Leadership for the maximum level of cohort and number of followers you can recruit based on your Leadership score. In order to take into account negative Charisma modifiers, this table allows for very low Leadership scores, but you must still be 7th level or higher in order to gain the Leadership feat.

Table: Leadership

Leadership Cohort Number of Followers by Level
Score Level 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th
1 or lower
2 1st
3 2nd
4 3rd
5 3rd
6 4th
7 5th
8 5th
9 6th
10 7th 5
11 7th 6
12 8th 8
13 9th 10 1
14 10th 15 1
15 10th 20 2 1
16 11th 25 2 1
17 12th 30 3 1 1
18 12th 35 3 1 1
19 13th 40 4 2 1 1
20 14th 50 5 3 2 1
21 15th 60 6 3 2 1 1
22 15th 75 7 4 2 2 1
23 16th 90 9 5 3 2 1
24 17th 110 11 6 3 2 1
25 17th 135 13 7 4 2 2 1
26 18th 160 16 8 4 2 2 1
27 18th 190 19 10 5 3 2 1
28 19th 220 22 11 6 3 2 1
29 19th 260 26 13 7 4 2 1
30 20th 300 30 15 8 4 2 1
31 20th 350 35 18 9 5 3 2 1
32 21st 400 40 20 10 5 3 2 1
33 21st 460 46 23 12 6 3 2 1
34 22nd 520 52 26 13 6 3 2 1
35 22nd 590 59 30 15 8 4 2 1
36 23rd 660 66 33 17 9 5 3 2 1
37 23rd 740 74 37 19 10 5 3 2 1
38 24th 820 82 41 21 11 6 3 2 1
39 24th 910 91 46 23 12 6 3 2 1
40 25th 1000 100 50 25 13 7 4 2 1
per +1 +½* +100**
*The maximum cohort level increases by 1 for every 2 points of Leadership above 40.
**The number of 1st-level followers increases by 100 for every point of Leadership above 40.
You can command one-tenth as many 2nd-level followers as 1st-level followers. You can command one-half as many 3rd-level followers as 2nd-level followers, one-half as many 4th-level followers as 3rd-level followers, and so on (round fractions up, except any fraction less than 1 rounds to 0). You can’t have a follower of higher than 20th level.

Cohort Level: You can attract a cohort of up to this level. Regardless of your Leadership score, you can only recruit a cohort who is two or more levels lower than yourself. The cohort should be equipped with gear appropriate for its level (see Creating NPCs). A cohort can be of any race or class. The cohort's alignment may not be opposed to your alignment on either the law/chaos or good/evil axis, and you take a –1 penalty to your Leadership score if you recruit a cohort of an alignment different from your own.
    A cohort does not count as a party member when determining the party's XP. Instead, divide the cohort's level by your level. Multiply this result by the total XP awarded to you, then add that number of experience points to the cohort's total.
    If a cohort gains enough XP to bring it to a level one lower than your level, the cohort does not gain the new level—its new XP total is 1 less than the amount needed to attain the next level.

Number of Followers by Level: You can lead up to the indicated number of characters of each level. Followers are similar to cohorts, except they're generally low-level NPCs. Followers can be no higher than two levels lower than your cohort. If you have a high enough Leadership Score to have followers of a higher level than your cohort, then these followers are not gained until your cohort increases in level. Up to 1/3 of your followers can have PC classes; the rest must be of NPC classes.
    Followers don't earn experience like PCs and cohorts. When you gain a new level, consult Table: Leadership to determine if you acquire more followers. Some of them may be higher level than the existing followers, while others may be more prominent followers who have increased in level. Don't consult the table to see if your cohort gains levels, however, because cohorts earn experience on their own.

Recruiting Cohorts and Followers

Recruiting requires time and money. You also need to be in a location where these people can be recruited. Your recruiting efforts involve speaking to potential recruits, impressing them with your abilities, exploits, and resources. The money you spend for recruitment serves one or several purposes, such as wages, relocation costs, entertaining potential recruits (food, entertainment, location). You must spend one day of Downtime activity per level of the recruit, as is their initial payment. At the end of the required period of time, you need to make either a Diplomacy or Intimidate check. If you have a Fame score in a sphere of influence, and the recruit falls into that sphere, then you gain a +1 bonus per 10 points of your Fame. You gain the same bonus to Intimidate based on your Infamy instead. The DC varies on the recruit. You lose your gold if the check fails. You can attempt to recruit the same persons again one month after your failed attempt.

Cohorts: Cohort recruitment cost equals 100 gp per the potential cohort's level. The recruitment DC is 10 plus twice the recruit's level. For every 10 that you beat the DC, reduce the recruitment cost by 100 gp (to a minimum of 0 gp). If a previous cohort in your employ killed by violence and disease, and remains dead within the past number of years equal to half of the previous cohort's level, you receive a penalty to your check equal to half of his level. This penalty is cumulative for each dead cohort within the overlapping time frame. You also gain a -1 penalty for each step the recruit's alignment is different from yours. If you already have a non-cohort animal companion, familiar, or special mount, you gain an additional -2 penalty to your check.

Followers: Followers are recruited in groups of up to 10 people. Follower recruitment cost equals 10 gp per level for NPC class followers, and 20 gp for PC class. The recruitment DC is 10 plus the recruit's level if they are NPC class, and 15 plus the recruit's level is they are PC class. For every 10 that your check beats the DC, you recruit up to another 10 people without having to spend additional time or money. You gain a +2 bonus to your check if you own a stronghold or base of operations. You gain a penalty to your check equal to -1 for every 10 followers killed by violence or disease within the past year. Your cohort can recruit followers on your behalf using your Fame or Infamy bonus and dead follower penalty, but using his own Diplomacy or Intimidate modifier.

Monstrous Cohort

If you have 7 ranks in Handle Animal, and have an animal companion or a familiar, you may choose to have your animal companion or familiar as your cohort instead of a new character. To determine your animal companion or familiar's cohort level, consult Table: Effective Cohort Level. Animal companions and familiars have different effective cohort level (ECL) progression from each other. If your monstrous cohort's ECL is equal or above that which your Leadership Score allows, no changes are made. However, if their ECL below that maximum level, then your monstrous cohort gains class levels until it their ECL equals the level that your Leadership Score allows, or their ECL is two lower than your level, whichever is lower. A monstrous cohort continues to gain improvements as their master levels up, as indicated on Table: Animal Companion or Table: Familiar, whichever applies. Should their ECL ever becomes higher than the maximum cohort level, then it does not gain anymore class levels until their ECL goes below the cohort level limit. The Leadership Score modifier "Has a familiar, special mount, or animal companion" does not apply when determining your cohort's maximum level for a monstrous cohort.

Table: Effective Cohort Level

Effective Druid or Master Class Level Effective Animal Companion Cohort Level Effective Familiar Cohort Level
7 4 1
8 5 1
9 6 1
10 6 1
11 6 2
12 7 2
13 8 2
14 9 2
15 9 3
16 9 3
17 10 3
18 11 3
19 11 4
20 12 4
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