House Rules: Feats – Ki Pool

You have learned how to harness your ki, the living energy of your soul.
    Prerequisites: Wis 13, you do not have the ki pool class feature.
    Benefit: You gain a pool of ki points, supernatural energy you can use to accomplish amazing feats. The number of points in your ki pool is equal to your Wisdom modifier (minimum 1). This pool replenishes after 8 hours of rest.
    By spending 1 point from your ki pool as a swift action, you can invoke any one of the following options: you can make one additional attack at his highest attack bonus when making a full attack, you can increase your speed by 10 feet for 1 round, you can give yourself a +2 insight bonus to Acrobatics, Climbing, and Swimming checks for 1 round, you can give yourself a +2 dodge bonus to AC for 1 round, your can give yourself a +2 insight bonus to all attacks for 1 round, or you can give yourself a +2 insight bonus to your damage for 1 round. Each of these powers is activated as a swift action.
    Special: If you gain the ki pool class feature, you can immediately trade this feat for the Extra Ki feat. The Ki Pool feat can substitute the ki pool class feature for qualifying for feats, prestige classes, and similar options.

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