House Rules: Feats – Empty Quiver Style

You can fight in melee with your bow, crossbow, or firearm. You can apply your ranged fighting feats to melee attacks.
    Prerequisites: Weapon Focus with the chosen weapon.
    Benefit: While using this style, you can make melee attacks with the chosen weapon as if it were a heavy mace (or a light mace for melee attack made with a hand crossbow or one-handed firearm), though you don’t automatically threaten the area around you as if you were wielding a melee weapon.
    You can switch between melee and ranged attacks with this weapon without penalty, even during the same round. In addition, you ignore the elf prerequisite for the Stabbing Shot feat.
    If you have the Stabbing Shot feat, you can use it with a crossbow or firearm, substituting a loaded bolt or firearm ammunition for an arrow.
    Empty Quiver Flexibility: If you have both the Rapid Shot and Stabbing Shot feat, while using Empty Quiver Style, you can apply any feats and class abilities you possess that modify your ranged attack rolls and damage rolls with the chosen weapon to melee attack rolls and damage rolls made with that weapon. Additionally, you are considered to be threatening the area around you as if you were wielding a melee weapon.
    Empty Quiver Flurry: While using Empty Quiver Style or Stabbing Shot to make melee attacks with a ranged weapon, if you successfully hit a foe, any ranged attacks you make with the same weapon until the beginning of your next turn do not provoke attacks of opportunity from that foe.
    Special: In addition to the chosen weapon, a character with this feat and the weapon training (bows, crossbows, or firearms) class feature can use Empty Quiver Style with any bow, crossbow, or firearm, respectively. If you have the Rapid Reload feat in addition to this feat, your chosen weapon is a crossbow or firearm, that weapon is unloaded, and you successfully hit a foe in melee with it, you can automatically load it as a free action.

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