House Rules: Feats - Dwarven Fury Style

You harness fury into ferocity. Your fury drives every swing of your weapon. You can channel your fury against many opponents.
    Prerequisites: Base attack bonus +1, defensive training and hatred racial traits, Medium size.
    Benefit: You apply your hatred racial trait’s bonus on both attack rolls and weapon damage rolls against creatures of the appropriate type or subtype and increase the bonus to +2.
    Dwarven Seething: If your base attack bonus is at least +5, when an opponent hits you with an attack (including a spell that requires an attack roll), you can apply your defensive training or your hatred racial trait bonus (your choice) against that target, regardless of the opponent’s type or subtype, as an immediate action. This ability lasts until the opponent dies, the combat ends, you change styles, or you designate a different opponent with this ability, whichever occurs first.
    Dwarven Rage: If your base attack bonus is at least +5, when using Dwarven Seething, you can maintain bonuses from both your defensive training racial trait and hatred racial trait’s against any number of opponents.

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